Will Marigolds Keep Bees Away

Will Marigolds Keep Bees Away?

The colorful marigold makes an attractive addition to gardens, and like most of the other plants on this list, its smell is what keeps insects away. Though it doesn’t necessarily ward off nectar-seeking honeybees, it is not attractive to wasps.

Do bees eat marigolds?

Worker bees gather both pollen and nectar from flowers to feed to the larvae and other members of the colony. Nectar is the sweet fluid produced by flowers to attract bees and other insects, birds and mammals. Worker bees drink the nectar and store it in a pouch-like structure called the crop.

Do bees eat marigolds?

What do marigolds stop?

Marigolds The marigold is one of the most well-known insect-repelling plants and with good reason — they have a scent that will keep pests like mosquitoes, nematodes like cabbage worms, and other pests away. Plant marigolds to attract beneficial insects that attack and kill aphids.

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Which marigolds are best for bees?

French marigolds make an excellent nectar source for both butterflies and bees because they flower for such a long time. African marigolds attract hoverflies, whose larvae love eating aphids.

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