Why Does Almond Milk Curdle in My Coffee

Why Does Almond Milk Curdle In My Coffee?

Because of acidity, coffee can become a coagulant, making almond milk curdle and separate. Different coffee varieties have different acidity levels so that some blends will separate almond milk more than others. Any acidity in tea, such as lemon, will also cause almond milk to curdle when it hits your teacup.

Is it OK to drink curdled almond milk in coffee?

Can You Drink Curdled Almond Milk? While curdled almond milk may look a bit strange and off-putting, it’s still fine to drink. In this instance, the curdling of the milk is harmless; it’s only a problem when the milk itself is close to producing bacteria.

Why does almond milk clump in coffee?

Why does almond milk curdle in coffee? Almond milk curdles in coffee because of the heat and acidity of the black coffee. The protein in the almond milk coagulate when they come into contact with the acid of the coffee.

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