What Sauce Do Mukbangers Use

What Sauce Do Mukbangers Use?

What is the red sauce in Chinese Mukbang?

Gochujang, also known as Korean red pepper paste, is a popular Korean condiment made out of Korean red pepper flakes, fermented soybeans, glutinous rice, sweetener, and other spices. It tastes spicy, sweet, umami, and savory.

What is the spicy red sauce in Mukbang videos?

Blove’s Sauce is a seafood sauce seasoning mix that’s loaded with spices. It’s invented by a Youtuber Blove, known for doing Mukbang – videos where creators eat large amounts of food with a live audience. The sauce soon became so popular that it’s selling on Amazon as Bloves Smackalicious Sauce (mild or spicy).

What is the spicy red sauce in Mukbang videos?

How do you make Mukbang?

How to Make a Mukbang ASMR Video: an Ultimate Guide

  1. Get the right equipment. Always use a camera that features a wide-angle lens and can click high-quality pictures. …
  2. Use the lightning. …
  3. Record in your favorite look. …
  4. Select a challenge. …
  5. Add the right dish to your menu. …
  6. Edit the video.


How does Bloves sauce taste?

This sauce tastes like oily spaghetti sauce.

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