How Do You Save an Overwatered Tomato Plant

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

How Do You Save An Overwatered Tomato Plant?

Overwatered tomato plants can be saved if you can reduce the watering and let the plant recover. You should dry the soil and roots using a newspaper that can soak up the moisture. If root rot has occurred, you need to trim the roots and transplant the tomato plant to another location.

Can tomatoes come back from overwatering?

Emergency action can help an overwatered tomato plant recover, and then the plant may go on to thrive. If the overwatered plant is in a pot, remove it and gently pull away sodden compost that doesn’t contain any roots. Place the root area on two or three newspapers, which helps draw away the excess moisture.

Can tomatoes come back from overwatering?

What do I do if I over watered tomatoes?

You can rescue an overwatered plant in some cases by gently pulling it up, shaking off excess dirt, and resting the roots on a stack of two or three newspapers. Leave the plant on the newspapers until much of the excess water has soaked up.

What do I do if I over watered tomatoes?

How long does it take for an overwatered plant to heal?

Do not water until the soil surface is dry to the touch. It’s even better to wait until it’s dry one to two knuckles deep on your index finger (yes, shove it into the soil). Give it a week. Usually within a week to 10 days you’ll start to see signs of recovery.

What does Overwatered tomato plants look like?

An overwatered tomato plant will look dull and depressed. On top of this, it might have yellowing leaves that’ll eventually turn brown around the edges. The fruits of an overwatered tomato will look cracked. And in severe cases of overwatering, a tomato plant will wilt.

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