How Do You Redeem Free Fries from Wingstop

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

How Do You Redeem Free Fries From Wingstop?

Fill out an online survey to get free Wingstop fries In one of their replies, they mentioned that on the bottom of your Wingstop receipt there is a survey. Fill it out and you will earn a coupon that will allow you to order a portion of savory, free-of-charge Wingstop fries.

How do you redeem Wingstop rewards?

Redeeming your points You can redeem your points at our Wingstop restaurants or order online via our app or website. Maximum Points redeemable per order is 20% of your cart value. Points can never be exchanged or transfered to cash.

How do you use Wingstop birthday fries?

For your birthday, enjoy a free order of fries at participating Wing Stop locations.

  1. Sign up for the Wing Stop eNewsletter to receive your annual birthday gift (you’ll also receive a free order of fries with link sign-up)
  2. Current birthday gift (free item) details. Birthday gift is a free order of fries.

How do you use Wingstop birthday fries?

Does Wingstop give u anything for your birthday?

Let us hook you up with a free birthday gift, all we need is the date!

Does Wingstop have a reward system?

Sign-up reward: Join “The Club” (look, it’s called Wingstop, they don’t beat around the bush naming things) and get a free order of fries. Perks: You’ll get emails on deals and a free gift for your birthday. Sign-up reward: You’ll get an offer for a free appetizer in your inbox.

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