How Do You Know If Kombucha Goes Bad

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

How Do You Know If Kombucha Goes Bad?

If the kombucha is well past the best before date, or it hasn’t been stored correctly, it may taste overly tart or vinegary. It is up to personal preference, but it might be a sign that it’s time to open a fresh bottle.

How do I tell if my kombucha is bad?

We’ll help you with how to tell if your kombucha is bad, so you can make sure you’re having it at its best – and best for you….Is Your Kombucha Bad?

  1. Your kombucha hasn’t stayed cold.
  2. Your kombucha smells strongly like vinegar.
  3. It simply tastes “off.”
  4. The normal brownish stuff floating (SCOBY) has turned colors.


Can you get sick from bad kombucha?

Contamination. As kombucha is a result of natural fermentation, improper handling or poor control of the environment may lead to contamination. Kombucha contaminated with other bacteria or yeasts may not be as healthy, or may even be dangerous to drink.

How long does kombucha stay good in the fridge?

Generally speaking, kombucha that is store-bought and refrigerated will last about one week. Homemade kombucha will last anywhere from 1-3 months. No matter what kind of kombucha you choose to drink, the key to keeping kombucha fresh is to keep it cold. Neglecting to do so will only continue the fermenting process.

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