How Do You Know If Kerosene Is Bad

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

How Do You Know If Kerosene Is Bad?

Characteristics of Poor Quality Kerosene:

  1. Yellow or cloudy tinted.
  2. Visible dirt, debris, dust, or contaminates.
  3. Bubbles of water collected at the bottom of the container.
  4. Improperly stored in an uncertified container.
  5. Stored in direct sunlight or high heat.

How long does it take kerosene to go bad?

As a rule of thumb, kerosene will last for about five years. Molds and bacteria can make their home inside improperly stored kerosene and break down the fuel molecules.

Does kerosene go out of date?

Storage Time Stored kerosene does go bad. Condensation, which adds water to the kerosene, is one culprit. Kerosene can also develop sludge from bacteria and mold that live in the kerosene and break it down.

Does kerosene get bad?

Yes, kerosene does go bad. Kerosene can work with full efficiency for about five years. However, during its storage, water gets added to the fuel through the process of condensation. It results in the growth of mold and bacteria in kerosene, which breaks it down.

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