Can You Put Wheels on an Rtic Cooler

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

Can You Put Wheels On An Rtic Cooler?

Sadly, there’s no standard RTIC cooler with wheels. (RTIC are coolers like YETI). But there’s a workaround. Buy the RTIC 45 quart cooler or the RTIC 65 quart cooler, and you can buy adjustable single axle Badger Wheels to fit.

Can you add wheels to a cooler?

To install wheels on your cooler, first decide which type you’d prefer—a single axle system or wagon-style flatbed cart. The former can be attached to the cooler’s tie down slots in a matter of seconds, while the latter supports the cooler from underneath, and can be with fastened with straps for added security.

Can you add wheels to a cooler?

Does Arctic make a cooler with wheels?

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 60 (50+10) Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler with Wheels and All-Terrain Cart.

Can you add wheels to a YETI cooler?

The Sherpa cooler wheel kit is a handy accessory for your heavy YETI or RTIC cooler. The axle assembly quickly adjusts and the peg-locks slide into the foot holes on your cooler. The axles are held in place with quick and easy cam-lock straps. All necessary hardware is included to easily strap to your cooler.

Can you add wheels to a YETI cooler?

Did YETI win lawsuit against RTIC?

Austin-based Yeti Coolers LLC and Cypress-based Rtic Coolers LLC have reached a settlement that will require Rtic to redesign some of its products. The agreement settles a series of lawsuits Yeti first filed against Rtic in July 2015 claiming trademark infringement.

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