Can I Still Hike With a Blister

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Can I Still Hike With A Blister?

A common mistake is to remove the overlying skin of the blister. This exposes the underlying skin to possible infection & causes increased pain because raw nerve endings can be exposed. Leave the blister alone! Do not pop, drain, open, or trim your blister—this is the most common cause of infection.

What to do with blisters while hiking?

Dress the blister like you would a wound, using antibiotic ointment and gauze or a Band-Aid. Cut and place Molefoam with a doughnut hole around the area to prevent further irritation; for added protection, fill the hole with antibiotic ointment or a blister pad, then add a layer of tape over the top.

Should I go for a walk with a blister?

If you do feel a blister developing, stop walking, take your boots and socks off and check your feet. The earlier you catch blisters the better. Apply some material cushioning or padding, or a plaster to the area that is rubbing.

Should I go for a walk with a blister?

Should you exercise with a blister?

Do not exercise if you have an open sore or a blister on your foot. Sores and blisters take longer to heal when you are living with diabetes. Wait until your sores and blisters heal before you start your walking program or they could get much worse.

Will walking on a blister make it worse?

When you first feel you might have a blister, stop walking, take your boots off and assess the damage. The blister will probably feel a lot worse than it actually looks! If it’s small and the skin hasn’t broken, don’t interfere with it.

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