What Vegetables Start With the Letter F

What vegetables start with the letter F?

There are many vegetables that start with the letter “F.” Some of these include:




-French beans


-FMV (fried, mashed, and vodka’d) potatoes


What is a veg that starts with F?

Fennel. This vegetable tastes a bit like liquorice! Fennel is a plant that grows in the ground.

What fruits and vegetables start with the letter F?

You will be fascinated by how delicious they are.False Daisy. False daisies are not regularly eaten. … Fat Hen. Fat hens are native to Europe. … Fava Bean. Fava beans are known to originate from some regions of Asia. … Fennel. Welcome to my favorite vegetable! … Fenugreek. … Fiddlehead Fern. … Field Blewit. … Field Cucumber.

What fruit is start with F?

Figs. Figs are soft, sweet fruits, full of small seeds, and they’re a great source of fibre.

What fruit is start with F?

What are the 20 vegetables?

Vegetable Names in Englishcarrot.broccoli.asparagus.cauliflower.corn.cucumber.eggplant.green pepper.