What Is Radish Cake Made of

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

What is radish cake made of?

Turnip cake

Alternative names Radish cake
Region or state Chinese-speaking areas
Main ingredients shredded radish (typically Chinese radish), plain rice flour
Variations Fried and steamed
Media: Turnip cake

Why is radish cake called carrot cake?

It is called “carrot cake” because of a loose English from Hokkien translation of “radish pastry” is called “chai tow (carrot or radish) kway (cake)”, which caught on among the non-native speaking diners, due to its unique misnomer.

Why is radish cake called carrot cake?

Are Chinese radish cakes healthy?

Along with being a nutritionally dense food, it is also very low in calories. 100g of daikon radish will only cost you 15 calories! Therefore, the more shredded daikon there is in the turnip cake, the less calories it’s going to be which makes it very easy to incorporate into your diet.

What is Chinese turnip cake made of?

This is Mama Lin’s tried and true recipe for turnip cake (lo bak go). It is made with daikon and flavored with dried shrimp, dried scallops, and Chinese sausage. NOTE: I’ve updated the recipe on March 4, 2022 to simplify the cooking process and to add some Chinese cured pork (臘肉).

What is Chinese turnip cake made of?

Why is the radish cake mushy?

The right amount of water The water content is critical to the success of the turnip cake. It will become soggy and unable to form if there is too much water or too hard if it is insufficient.

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