Sun Basket vs Green Chef

Last Updated on October 8, 2020

Home delivery services of meal kits for self-cooking dinners are already quite densely entered our lives. At the same time, in this segment, in addition to already well-known brands, new brands also continue to appear, and recipes are constantly updated and improved.

Final Verdict

Summing up our comparative analysis, we can say that it is the Sun Basket that provides more variety, opportunities, as well as more weekly orders. Well, if you follow a special diet and want to cook at home with the best products without GMOs, then you should choose Green Chef.

The options for the proposed ingredients and the shipping costs at Sun Basket and Green Chef are similar. Both companies are what you need if you prefer a healthy lifestyle, organic ingredients, a quick and easy cooking process and a fantastic taste of international cuisine.

The final winner in this dispute for me is – $80 off, including free shipping on First Box

But there are always people who have never used such services. Therefore, we will devote today’s test drive to two well-known companies among food boxes and compare Sun Basket vs Green Chef.

Sun Basket vs Green Chef

In recent years, people have begun to pay more attention to what they eat. Now it’s not so often that you meet fast food lovers. If you are a successful person, then healthy eating is an integral part of your life. Previously, they often went to restaurants to eat gourmet and healthy dishes, while not wasting much time.

Today, the popularity of services such as Sun Basket and Green Chef, which provide home delivery grocery boxes with step-by-step recipes from chefs is very high. After all, turning to companies such as Green Chef, Sun Basket, and others, you can cook a gorgeous dish yourself, as in a restaurant in just 30 minutes.

Green Chef and Sun Basket offer their customers only proven, healthy, unique and, not least importantly, delicious recipes for every week. You can forget about homogeneous food and discover new dishes and new tastes. The well-known fact is that a common cause brings people together.

Comparison of Green Chef and Sun Basket

Therefore, thanks to services such as Sun Basket and Green Chef, you can also quickly prepare luxurious restaurant dishes with your whole family or alone with your loved one. At the same time, saving time and money and accumulating more positive from communicating with loved ones.

But which service to choose? Are they all the same or is there a difference? In this article, we will review two popular Green Chef and Sun Basket services. In recent years, Sun Basket and Green Chef have created a sensation in the industry by combining top-quality products and proteins with expertly crafted recipes.

These two leading food delivery companies have something to offer their potential customers. To find out who can win the Sun Basket or Green Chef dispute, you should consider what differences they have in terms of ingredients, food choices, environmental impact, value for money, and flexibility with their customers. Sun Basket vs Green Chef, let’s see which is better.

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Comparison of Green Chef and Sun Basket

Before making a comparison between Green Chef and Sun Basket, you need to get to know these companies a bit. We will begin our acquaintance with the Sun Basket. Sun Basket is a food delivery service that offers you to enjoy a varied number of dishes prepared from completely organic and always fresh, as well as non-GMO ingredients.

The goal of Sun Basket is to promote clean food, fragrance, and sustainability. Simply put, this is not an ordinary home cooking. The best chefs prepare recipes for you, thanks to which you can enjoy wonderful and unusual dishes. Sun Basket delivery area covers 47 states in the continental United States and your food is delivered once a week. Now we continue our acquaintance with another service called Green Chef.

Green Chef is a food delivery service that provides you with many different nutrition plans for a variety of diets. Their team of food enthusiasts and experts always comes up with new creative recipes for healthy and tasty dishes that will surely satisfy any appetite and taste. It is symbolic that the word “green” in the name of the company represents the main goals of Green Chef, such as taking only the best products from nature and carefully giving them to their customers.

Green Chef specializes in many types of food from vegans to meat lovers. Green Chef delivery area covers 48 states except for a few areas in Louisiana, Hawaii, and Alaska.

After we familiarized ourselves with these companies, the time came for a more detailed and thorough comparison of Green Chef and Sun Basket.

Green Chef or Sun Basket: which is better?

1. Meal Options

Most people neglect their health. Lack of time, incompetence in matters of food culture, the pace of modern life – all this led to illegibility in the choice of products. Thanks to the Sun Basket and Green Chef, you can solve this problem and in just a couple of clicks choose a balanced and useful menu every day. But which service to choose? That is the main question. Let’s look at the Green Chef and Sun Basket menu types.

Types of Green Chef Menus

Green Chef can offer its customers seven types of different menus per week. For example, here you can find a paleo, gluten-free, keto, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, family-friendly and organic nutrition program. In each category of food plan, you can choose from 3 options for dishes that are constantly changing. All dishes offered by the chefs have high nutritional characteristics. It all depends on you and your taste preferences.

Types of Sun Basket Menus

Sun Basket has an impressive variety of dishes on offer. In this delivery service, you can discover the following nutrition programs: low-carb, organic, gluten-free, for families, low-fat, paleo, vegetarian and vegan meals. In these types of menus, customers can find various options to suit their nutritional needs. One of the features of the Sun Basket is the ability to mix the various ingredients offered in different nutrition plans. Thus, you will never have to worry about getting bored with a particular dish.

The Sun Basket wins in this dispute, thanks to a wide selection of the proposed menu.

2. Variety of dishes

Sun Basket offers its customers a staggering amount of dishes: 24 different meals per week. However, these dishes are divided into 2 meal plans. In their classic nutrition plan, a choice of 18 dishes is offered, and in the family plan is offered 6 dishes. In comparison, Green Chef offers fewer recipes than the Sun Basket in Family Plan, but Green Chef can still compete in the quality and variety of the dishes on offer. There is also a difference in the number of possible weekly orders, and here is another vote for the Sun Basket.

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The Sun Basket again wins in this dispute, as this company offers even more recipes and more unique dishes at the same time with a minimum investment of time in prepared foods.

3. Quality of products

Sun Basket is certified by the US Department of Agriculture, so its policy is to provide you with high-quality products that contain more than 99% organic products. Suppliers share the same idea: seafood is caught in the wild, meat does not contain antibiotics, does not contain hormones and does not contain GMOs. Green Chef has the same story and politics. Green Chef is also a certified company.

In this segment, both companies have the same high scores, so they can be both awarded. We can say with confidence that Sun Basket and Green Chef are the best delivery services.

4. Packaging and environmental impact

The main goal of the well-known and already popular Sun Basket is the ability to deliver fresh ingredients to your home on time, while also not forgetting to preserve the environment. Green Chef, as mentioned earlier, is a very green company. Therefore, Green Chef also adheres to environmental concerns. The Green Chef box is made from recycled and primary kraft paper, and the food is carefully packed in plastic bags and containers of different sizes. But all of them are 100% biodegradable.

In this confrontation, Green Chef vs Sun Basket, both companies won. Because both companies put a lot of effort and money into being economical and environmentally friendly.

5. Ordering process

The ordering process is very simple for both companies. Despite this, there is still a difference. If you decide to place an order in Sun Basket, you can choose a specific plan, as well as change it as you wish. The customer can switch between plans and skip, pause or cancel the delivery of his grocery box at any time. And if you decide to place an order at Green Chef, then you can easily skip, cancel or configure your order. But this must be done seven days before the next delivery date.

Based on the foregoing, the obvious winner in this category is the Sun Basket.

6. Pricing Policy

Speaking about the pricing policy of these both companies, we should note their identical delivery prices, as well as the same price for Family Plan dishes. In other respects, Sun Basket is a more expensive company compared to Green Chef.

The winner in this area is Green Chef.

7. Customer Support

Providing quality support, these services become the key to the growth and success of their customers. Many users stop using the service if they think that support is not working well. We carefully studied customer reviews with these companies and we can confidently say that everything works fine for these services. The client can change the order, cancel the order, demand a refund without problems in both services. The only difference between both companies is the ability to quickly change the menu you select, while it will take a week for Green Chef.

With a slight advantage in this area, the Sun Basket wins.