Sakara Meal Delivery Review

Last Updated on January 4, 2021

Most food delivery services have a single goal – to keep their customers fed. The quality of meals varies from one company to the other but the fundamental principle stays the same. However, there are services that are trying to explore all the beneficial properties of food products through original combinations and exclusive ingredients.

Sakara is working towards improving the quality of your life through nutrition based on scientific progress. From this Sakara review you will understand why this service is so different and what are its main goals and achievements.

Sakara Meal Delivery Review

Short Overview

Sakara was established on the belief that quality food can significantly increase energy levels, improve the digestive system and maintain the cardiovascular system. The basic program allows for efficient weight control. This influences the skin clarity and your ability to focus as well.

You are getting enough nutrients while cutting down on carbohydrates and fats. In short, Sakara is using nutrition science to create meals that are beneficial for all the vital systems. Our Sakara food delivery reviews are also based on real experiences from those who have tried their program.

What makes the menu so special? You are given a large choice of organic, plant-based fresh meals that don’t contain any refined sugar. The ingredients are gluten-free, dairy free and non-GMO. You can spend your time on various other things when you receive prepared foods to your doorstep. There is no need for any additional manipulations in the kitchen. With Sakara Life you can create your own program with the necessary number of days and optimal number of meals per day.


The biggest advantage of is the possibility to experience a life-changing program. The service is promising that you’ll feel positive changes after the first week of proper plant-based nutrition. You can easily customize the number of meals per week depending on the results you’d like to achieve. The Sakara meal delivery is not limited to any specific states inside of the continental part of the US.

To view your delivery options, you would have to introduce your ZIP code. The system will calculate the number of days necessary for shipping. For the 5-day plan, you’ll be receiving 2 deliveries per week on a specified day. Food arrives in recyclable containers, meaning that there will be no harm caused to ecology. Most Sakara vegan meal delivery reviews indicate a timely arrival of the ordered food.

With so many good things about this service, we could still find one con that’s worth mentioning. The service is not that affordable. Currently, for a weekly subscription consisting of 3 meals per day, 5 days per week (Tue-Sun), you’d have to spend around $420. This means around $84 per day, or $28 per meal. There is a lot to be gained from the program, but you have to take into consideration your budget as well.

How it works

Just like with many other food delivery services, you need to create a subscription by indicating all the basic information. By introducing your ZIP code you will unlock the possibility to select the number of meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and the number of days for this program.

Sakara food delivery review

The price for your selection will be calculated immediately. You can try to choose the One-time Program just to see if everything works out fine for you. Sakara food delivery options can be changed prior to the next scheduled shipping.

Inside each package received from Sakara Life, you will find your 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner), Detox Tea for daily use and Complete Probiotic supply. All these components lead to bloat-free digestion, weight loss, hormone balance, and clear glowing skin.

The Sakara subscription works in a way that allows you to sit back and relax. It will be automatically renewed on each following week. The price for meals is discounted and the price for shipping is waived. You will not be able to cancel the first week of delivery but managing your subscription beyond that will not be a problem. In our Sakara life review you will find out how the subscription works.


As mentioned, the price range for this subscription is quite high, but you can customize your order in a way that allows it to be more cost-effective. You can take out one meal per day or customize the number of days. In case you’d like to fill all possible meal spots during the day with healthy and clean meals, you can try getting the “Eat Clean Play Dirty” cookbook.

It is inspired by Sakara food founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle’s own experience transitioning from imbalanced and stressed-out lifestyles, to complete and healthy diet. The book is filled with recipes that include cocktails and desserts. Even if you decide to cancel your subscription, this book will help you stay on the right path regarding healthy eating.

Types of menu

Read our Sakara review to find out what you can expect in terms of menu.

Each week the subscribers get a new menu, and it is possible to visualize all the items in advance. Together with every meal you can find information regarding the ingredients. There are also special indicators that signify the presence of nuts, spicy ingredients and soy. Also, for some dishes heating may be optional. You can view the items for the following week. The service pays a lot of attention to the quality of their ingredients. This is why they source them from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices.

Variety of dishes

Classically trained chefs are ensuring the creation of new delicious recipes. The flavors of Sakara life meals are inspired by various cuisines. This helps achieve a perfect balance between the taste and nutrition qualities.

Some of Sakara’s best recipes:

  • Golden pineapple un-fried rice
  • Mother earth bowl w/ detox dressing
  • Warming miso noodle soup
  • Roasted peach chana masala
  • Equinox salad w/ stone fruit tahini

Sakara functions on the basis of the so-called “9 Pillars of Nutrition”. These are the following:

  1. No calorie counting – There’s no need to do that when your meals include only the most essential nutrients.
  2. Plant Protein – It can be as efficient as the animal protein, while having more fiber, vitamins and nutrients.
  3. Eat your water – A lot of plants are rich in water, meaning that you will stay hydrated as you eat. The water consumed with the plants is absorbed more efficiently.
  4. Greens – Eating enough greens (4-6 cups) is what helps you achieve the Sakara Glow.
  5. Good Fats – Vegetable-based fats represent healthy fatty acids. These fats are essential nutrients.
  6. Eat the Rainbow – Eating combinations of vegetables of different colors assures the right consumption of important and different sets of phytonutrients. Sakara Life food delivery will provide you vegetables of all colors.
  7. Nutrients density – The high-quality and freshness of ingredients is vital for nutrient density.
  8. Sulfur-Rich Veggies – Sulfur influences many biological processes on our organisms. It is very important for our hair, nails and skin.
  9. Body Intelligence – Organic food will help you understand what your body needs.


You can browse the FAQ section of the website in order to find an answer to your question related to subscription, gifts, recipes, nutrition, packaging and meal programs. In case you don’t find an answer to your question, you can contact Sakara Life by using the indicated phone numbers and emails. Also, you’ll be able to leave a Sakara life review on their website to improve their service.


If you’d like to change your lifestyle by increasing the quality of your life, you have to consider a healthy nutrition. Sakara Life offers you the possibility to try something different. The health recipes there are offering does work but you have to consider your budget as well. Among Sakara meal delivery reviews most are praising the quality of their services. You can definitely try to arrange a delivery for the first week without creating a long-term subscription and see if this works for you. By reading thousands of reviews of Sakara meal delivery you’ll be curios to try it out as well.