Plated vs Hello Fresh

Last Updated on January 12, 2020

In the modern world, free time is very much appreciated and it is not always possible to spend it on the purchase of products and inventing dishes. But at the same time, you also want to eat right. Today, there are many different services with the delivery of the food box and recipes at home. Delivery of meal kits is possible for a day, a week, a month. All you need to decide is which delivery service of the grocery box suits you and we will help you with this. This article will discuss two competing companies: Plated vs Hello Fresh.

Companies like Plated and Hello Fresh have gained widespread popularity due to their concept. Such a concept consists in proposing to solve a problem, to which almost every person faces every day. You no longer need to wait for inspiration, you do not need to be a talented cook, and you do not even need to go to the grocery store. These companies have already taken care of this. Plated and Hello Fresh will deliver you a box with a strictly measured volume of ingredients and step-by-step recipes. Now you do not need to go to a restaurant to enjoy delicious and healthy dishes. You can cook everything for yourself and you will like this process. After all, there is nothing better than a cooked dish with your own hands. Also, you can track the number of consumed proteins, fats, carbohydrates and study information about the impact of food ingredients on your health. On the Internet, you will find many reviews about different services, but in this case, we want to compare Plated and Hello Fresh.

Comparison of Hello Fresh and Plated

First of all, we need to find out what represented Hello Fresh and Plated companies are and only then can we make a comparison. Hello Fresh offers delicious, flexible, vegetarian and low-cost delivery services of meal kits in which you can find high-quality recipes that will satisfy any dietary needs. This allows you to save money while cooking delicious meals. Hello Fresh delivery area covers 48 states in the United States. Plated, in turn, is one of the most flexible food package delivery services. Plated offers many recipes that will help you prepare the meal kit for yourself, thereby choosing which ingredients to use and how many servings you need. These delicious dishes are easy to prepare. Plated delivery area covers over 95% of states in the United States. Having got acquainted a little with the presented companies, we can begin to make a comparison of Hello Fresh and Plated.

Hello Fresh or Plated: which is better?

  1. Meal Options

At Hello Fresh and Plated, you can choose either the classic gourmet restaurant menu or the light diet. Besides, these companies provide a special menu for vegetarians, vegans, children and allergy sufferers. But what is the difference and which service is better? Let’s look at each company’s nutrition plan.

Types of Hello Fresh Menus

Hello Fresh will pick to you a recipe based on the settings that you manually enter during the registration process by default. Each week, the company allows you to choose from 3 to 5 dishes with unlimited combinations. The Hello Fresh meal plan is right for people who follow the following diets: vegetarian, dairy-free, omnivore, kid-friendly, egg-free, nut-free and gluten-free meal. Besides, Hello Fresh offers a wide selection of wine cards!

Types of Plated Menus

Plated offers its customers a menu program that also contains various diet options or just a healthy diet. The following nutrition programs can be found at Plated: family-friendly, pescatarian, vegetarian, omnivore, gluten-free, low-calorie, low-carb diets. Plated offers a lot more options in the choice of dishes. That is, you can choose up to 9 different dishes in each option. Plated also offers its customers to choose various desserts, thereby completing their meal on a wonderful note.

In this dispute, the Plated wins, because it offers more than 20 different dishes every week, and HelloFresh is only 15. Besides, if you compare alcohol and dessert, then having a dessert is always a win-win combination.

  • Variety of dishes

Hello Fresh offers its customers 15 different recipes per week, which is a respectable number of dishes. These dishes are divided into three planes. The first is a classic plan that consists of eight recipes per week. The second is a five-meal family plan. And the last plan is a vegetarian plan with three recipes per week. If you want to change the nutrition plan, then you will not have any problems with this. However, you can only do this at the end of the week. Plated has twenty meals a week. This number is one of the highest in the foodservice industry. We also want to note that Plated dishes have slightly more complex and multinational recipes than Hello Fresh.

And in this dispute, Plated also wins because it provides more various and sophisticated options for dishes.

  • Quality of products

Each of us doesn’t want to overpay for low-quality products. Therefore, we propose to consider the quality of the delivered products from Hello Fresh and Plated. Both companies provide their customers with the highest quality ingredients. But in which box will you find more organic foods that can give you vitamins, minerals, and other health beneficial nutrients? Let’s see.

Plated primarily focuses on high-quality non-GMO products, which will be delivered at the peak of their freshness. All products supplied by Plated are seasonal that’s why they are always fresh. You cannot find the ingredients that this company uses in the supermarket or the market, because they do not cooperate with them. Instead, they get their ingredients from local artisans who have small farms and take care of their products much better than large corporations.

Hello Fresh is also responsible for the selection of the delivered products. They use fresh ingredients to help consumers get an excellent culinary experience using only healthy and organic ingredients. Hello Fresh has its meat, which is grown on farms and does not contain antibiotics and hormones. Hello Fresh orders some seafood on the farms, but most of the supplied seafood is in the wild and caught following Monterey Seafood Watch standards for humane handling of fish. However, the biggest emphasis of the company is vegetables. Hello Fresh say their focus is on helping their customers include more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

Summing up the results of Hello Fresh vs Plated, Hello Fresh won in this area. That’s because it always reminds its clients of the need to consume as many vegetables and fruits as possible.

  • Packaging and environmental impact

The interaction of man and nature, society and his environment as a result of the rapid growth of industrial products throughout the world has reached an extreme, critical forms and sizes. A long time ago the question arose about the threat to the very existence of mankind due to the exhaustion of natural resources and pollution of its environment. Now people are preoccupied with this problem. Therefore, the environmental friendliness of the company is an important factor when choosing. When you sign up for any service you will receive many boxes per week. Who has the best delivery service? Both Plated and Hello Fresh supply packaging made from a material that can be recycled in the future. Their food boxes also include insulating liners, ice packs, and the boxes themselves. But Plated also helps people in need. The company donates perishable ingredients to food centers, thereby not only doing a good deed but also helping to eliminate waste.

In this area, the Plated wins, just because this company is doing charity work. The rest is identical.

  • Ordering process

Ordering food from Hello Fresh is easy. To do this, you just need to go to the official Hello Fresh website and add products to the basket, and then you should choose free delivery to your state and then at a convenient time for you the meal kit will be delivered to you. To make an order from Plated you will also take just a couple of clicks.

In this dispute, the winner is Plated, because the official site is more conveniently made than Hello Fresh’s.

  • Pricing Policy

The price for many is a decisive factor when choosing a product. Having studied this area, we can confidently say that Plated is more expensive than Hello Fresh. Even though Plated and Hello Fresh both offer significant discounts for novice customers. Both companies have the same value on a classic meal plan, but Hello Fresh’s family meal plan is cheaper. If you want to order a meal set from Plated, then you should pay for the delivery, but Hello Fresh offers its customers free delivery.

The victory in this dispute is rightfully owned by HelloFresh, as it has a lower cost for the meal kits and also has free shipping.

  • Customer Support

Constant availability and high quality of service are the main guidelines in the work of the support service of Hello Fresh and Plated. To reach an understanding with their customers and to provide the necessary services to the fullest extent possible, the support service of these companies works promptly. If your plans have changed, then Plated allows you to skip days or cancel a delivery for a week for free, without charging fines. All you need to do to do this is to make changes on the website or in the application by noon, 6 days before the scheduled delivery. Hello Fresh provides the same, with one exception. You can notify about changes 5 days before the expected delivery.

In this matter, the winner can be called Hello Fresh, only because changes can be made 1 day later than at the company Plated.

Final Verdict

Summing up our review of two excellent grocery delivery companies, it should be noted that if you are looking for a cheaper offer that will not let you get hungry and at the same time decorate your life with a lot of vegetables and fruits, we can recommend Hello Fresh. However, if we are talking about comprehensive quality service, Plated is the company that works best. They have a huge variety of food recipes, high-quality ingredients, and their packaging is superior to most of the delivery services on the market today.

The winner of our review is Plated, all thanks to the diversity and customer care and the environment. But honestly, no matter what service you choose, you will not be disappointed.