Mediterranean Meal Delivery Services

Last Updated on October 12, 2020

I’ve come across an interesting article about the Mediterranean diet and it fascinated me – the idea of trying such dishes seemed quite intriguing. So, I surfed the Internet and picked several delivery services that seem the most reliable to me.

I’ve read lots of feedback and they helped me to make a list of the most popular and trusted companies. I propose you look through the accurate assessment of the 5 Mediterranean Meal Delivery Services and choose one, which will bring you a delicious meal today’s evening. All of the services delivering such dishes provide for easy-to-follow instructions on how to cook it quickly. Let yourself have a rest today and order Mediterranean diet food delivery

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Mediterranean Meal Delivery Services

Best Mediterranean Meal Delivery Services in the US

  1. SunBasket
  2. HomeChef
  3. GreenChef
  4. HelloFresh
  5. BistroMD

Sun Basket 

Sun Basket is one of the Mediterranean diet home deliveries which has a lot of good reviews. This Mediterranean meal delivery service specializes in cooking tasty food using certified organic ingredients. The particular highlight is that everyone is free to look through all ingredients of a meal and substitute or exclude some of them (soya, nuts, gluten, dairy, etc.) at a small fee.


All of the Mediterranean meals are subdivided into several categories: Dinners, New, Breakfast, Lunch, Pasta & Sauce, Proteins, and Snacks. 

  • 2 weeks –  $51.96 (4 total serves), $103.92 (8 total serves). One serve is $12.99
  • 3 weeks –  $71.94 (6 total serves), $143.88 (12 total serves). One serve is $11.99
  • 4 weeks – $87.92 (8 total serves), $175.84 (16 total serves). One serve is $10.99.

What are the benefits and considerations of their services?

  • Extensive Menu
  • Healthy organic food
  • An opportunity to substitute some ingredients
  • Opened product composition
  • Some life hacks for kids (how they can help their parents with cooking)
  • Plenty of plastic packages 
  • Three is no special plant-based menu


If you have children, you will appreciate the idea of the Mediterranean meal delivery to include some tips for parents. A kid can peel the vegetables, wash the dishes, set the table, or do other things according to the age.

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Another Mediterranean diet delivery is HomeChef. There is a mobile app that allows us to gain knowledge of what these Mediterranean diet meal plans can propose. You can build your box on your own, taking meals that you wish for a week, not only those presented by Mediterranean food services. HomeChef fulfills a promise to deliver tasty food quickly. These Mediterranean services spread their meals to different stores, so they can be easily bought offline. 


There are 4 additional options among 23 meals: Calorie-conscious, Carb-conscious, <30min., Vegetarian. 

You will find 2 Meal Plans: 

  • Home Chef Plan (meals with short cooking instruction) costs $53.94 for 2 portions. $107.88 for 4 portions, $161.82 for 6. + $6.99 for delivery. 
  • Fresh and Easy Plan (including half-prepared on unprepared meals). The price is the same.

What are the benefits and considerations of their services?

  • Useful official mobile app
  • Wide choice
  • Availability of meals in offline stores
  • A small number of entrees in comparison with other services
  • No special plant-based food 
  • Expensive delivery


One of the most popular Mediterranean diet meal delivery services which presents such a very nice option like choosing a meal which you want to, despite structured plans. 


If the consumption of organic healthy food plays a vital role in your nutrition, we propose you to give special attention to the Mediterranean diet home delivery near me such as GreenChef. On the website with a catalogue of all services, all buyers can order Mediterranean food online. Using premium certified ingredients has been a contributing factor in picking the meals plan exactly of this company.


You have an opportunity to choose among several plans of this service: Keto, Balanced Living, Plant-powered, Carb-conscious – the prices vary from $7.66 (discount price) to $12.99.

What are the benefits and considerations of their services?

  • Certified premium ingredients,
  • Delicious dishes, 
  • Several plans to choose,
  • High prices,
  • The ingredients are fixed and cannot be changed in the picked Menu Plan.


One of the few Mediterranean food delivery services that have all of the certificates for the ingredients they use. It means that the company cares about its reputation and customers which deserves respect. It gives the company some winning points in comparison to its rivals on the market.  If this nuance is crucial for you, feel free to make an order in GreenChef.


The right way to save your valuable time and make life easier is to use the Mediterranean food delivery HelloFresh near you. It is near because a key element of the Hello Fresh main focus is speedy delivery. There is a whole chapter on the HelloFresh website which is devoted to the information on how to recycle your HelloFresh Box after using.

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You can select your preferences among several options, there are detailed descriptions on the site:  Meat & Veggies, Veggies, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, Quick and Easy, Pescetarian. The prices are from $6.99 to $9.99/serve + $7.99 for delivery.

What are the benefits and considerations of their services?

I can underline that heating and cooking is really as simple as a pie, there are also good variants for the whole family and an eco-friendly service.  


The Mediterranean tasty food delivery HelloFresh has its benefits and implications, but they are the only ones, we think, who truly have recycled boxes.


Let’s gain insight into another service that proposes Mediterranean diet prepared meals. This is Mediterranean delivery BistroMD and their several plans which help to lose weight without ill effects on the human’s health. BistroMD is the most appropriate variant for those who want to be healthy and find it hard to organize their food ration in the right way. The Mediterranean diet home delivery BistroMD has done it instead of you.


The Mediterranean service BistroMD’s plans are as follows: Women’s Program, Men’s Program, Heart Healthy Program, Gluten-Free Program, Diabetic Friendly Program, Menopause Program. The detailed information about the services is on the website. 

All of them have the same price-list – $189.95 (Sale $142.46) – Full Program and $159.95 (Sale $119.96) – the Lunches & Dinners Program – 7 DAYS. And $159.95 (Sale $119.96) – Full Program and $129.95 (Sale $97.46) – the Lunches & Dinners Program – 5 DAYS.

What are the benefits and considerations of their services?

  • Variety of programs
  • Good price range
  • Absence of plant-based options.


The Mediterranean healthy meals delivery BistroMD provides a healthy diet, well-structured according to your health condition and nutrition facts (required numbers of vitamins, macro- and microelements).

As you have already noticed, I’ve tested several services and understood that such food is a perfect alternative to the casual menu.  If you want to try some special food, choose any of these Mediterranean meal delivery services and enjoy the mouth-watery meals. Share, please, your experience and opinion in the comments. I’d gladly read them and respond!