Martha & Marley Spoon Food Delivery Service Review

Last Updated on January 12, 2020

Martha & Marley Spoon Food Delivery Service Review

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When the hectic way of life doesn’t leave you any room for grocery shopping and cooking, you can easily find a service that will take care of these things for you. Every service of this kind has specific advantages and disadvantages. In this Martha Stewart delivery review, we will try to provide a thorough description of this company and identify all the pros and cons.

There is much more than just the quality of ingredients and taste of food. We will take into consideration all the aspects.

General Overview

This is a meal delivery service that provides all the necessary pre-portioned ingredients in recyclable boxes together with detailed instructions for cooking. The famous chef, Martha Stewart has teamed up with Marley Spoon to create more dish diversity and raise the quality of the service.

The meal plan has to be selected beforehand but the subscription is flexible. You can skip a week, pause your subscription or introduce new recipes into your existing plan.

There is also a minimum amount of servings you can order. Every box includes ingredients for 4 portions. You can find the best Martha Stewart recipes in the menu section of the website.

The delivery doesn’t cover all of US territory but it does cover the majority of the contiguous US. The time of delivery largely depends on your area and you will be provided with detailed information regarding the time after you enter your ZIP code and email address. The cost of shipping of Martha Stewart is always included in the price and it is $8.99.

So, basically you have to go through 4 steps in order to receive a hot fresh meal on your table. These are:

  1. Subscribe to the Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon service;
  2. Select the meal plan that suits your preferences;
  3. Set the delivery time;
  4. Receive a box full of fresh ingredients and start cooking right away.

There are no prepared foods, but the service does a good job of providing you with the time needed for the preparation of each meal.

Martha Stewart meal kit review

A personalized meal plan allows you to stay healthy by getting the proper amount of calories and micronutrients. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon makes sure to provide a balanced meal plan that includes all these necessary things in every serving. As a matter of fact, this plan can also save you money and lose weight because you will not have to search for quick and unhealthy alternatives. Various online reviews of Martha Stewart suggest that the food is really delicious.

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Following a diet is not as boring as it sounds. Who said that a diet plan can’t be delicious? With Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon you can benefit from the plans that include meals from the following diets:

  • Mediterranean dishes. These are rich in protein that comes from fish and seafood. The added vegetables and Mediterranean spices will provide an exceptional atmosphere you can get only at a seaside restaurant.
  • Vegetarian dishes. There is a large selection of these with the added dairy and extra vegetables in the mix.
  • Vegan dishes. This one has become very popular lately and many new recipes have been added to this category.
  • Gluten-free meals. As the name suggests, these meals don’t have any gluten in them. This is a type of protein. People with gluten intolerance have to avoid the products which contain this kind of protein.

Martha & Marley Spoon has a nutritionist who helps in creating the recipes and offers advice when needed.

Quality of ingredients

All the services of this kind are striving to provide only the best ingredients in terms of their quality. Martha & Marley Spoon makes use of trusted suppliers to deliver fresh and antibiotic-free meat, fish, and poultry. The quality of protein has to be high and it has to taste perfect as well.

The service also cooperates with local small-batch producers for other important ingredients, such as vegetables and fruit. On the official website, you can find the Martha Stewart review for the suppliers of the ingredients.

Some of the basic ingredients like salt and oil will not be provided with the meal kits.

Meal kits and boxes

Martha Stewart’s meal kits are packed into recyclable boxes. Delivery takes time but the products that arrive are always fresh. How is this possible? The services use insulated liners and bags with ice to keep the products refrigerated until they arrive at your table.

I tried Martha Stewart and when unpacking the box the first thing that I saw was the recipe cards with the pictures of finished meals. These are placed at the very top of the box. The package with food will be wrapped with a silver bubble bag in order to prevent the heating of the ingredients that are inside. The ingredients for each meal will have a separate bag. The protein ingredients will be packed separately and cooled down with ice packages. Inside of the brown paper bags will be packed with the rest of the ingredients. I’ve tried searching for Martha Stewart bad reviews but most of the customers were really happy with the package they received.

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The price of the meal kits

Every week the customer will get 20 new recipes to choose from. You can choose to order boxes for two people or for 4 people. The more meals you choose per week, the more discounted the final price will be.

For the meal kit for 2 people the final price will be:

  • For 2 people and 2 meals per week, you would have to pay $10.25 per serving and $49.99 per week.
  • For 2 people and 3 meals per week, you would have to pay $8.99 per serving and $62.93 per week.
  • For 2 people and 4 meals you would have to pay $8.49 per serving and $76.91 per week.

The current Martha Stewart family plan price review for 4 people results in:

  • For 4 people and 2 meals per week, you would have to pay $8.49 per serving and $76.91 per week.
  • For 4 people and 3 meals per week, you would have to pay $7.49 per serving and $98.87 per week.
  • For 4 people and 4 meals per week, you would have to pay $6.99 per serving and $120.83 per week.

The additional price per shipping is standard for all packages.


The official website features a FAQ section with 4 categories of questions you can choose from, unlike Hello Fresh, which has not sorted the questions based on categories.

There is also indicated a phone number and an email address you can send your questions to.  You can send a message by submitting a form.


This service provides quality ingredients that are packed conveniently inside the boxes. You would not have to lose a lot of time matching the necessary products with the proper recipe. Thus, the process of cooking will take minimum effort and time. There is not a decent variety in terms of recipes, and the price for the service is quite competitive.

No Martha Stewart meals review would be complete without a valid rating. We would provide a 5-star rating for this one as of today.