Imperfect Foods Review

Last Updated on January 4, 2021

Food delivery services are slowly but surely taking over the industry. Restaurant-quality food is being shipped directly to the customer, taking into account various preferences. Everybody can use this opportunity to order exclusive ingredients or prepared meals. While with most meal subscription services you can order frozen dinners or meal kits, Imperfect Foods is focused mainly on the delivery of ingredients. This means that there will be a box of groceries delivered to your address. Our Imperfect Foods review will help you understand how to use this service and what are the benefits of this subscription.

Imperfect Foods Review

There are specific moments you’d like to find out about before you start your journey in the world of Imperfect Foods.

Short Overview

The goal of Imperfect Foods is to save you time and provide high-quality products for most recipes you can think of. The other important mission is to reduce the food waste and utilize the best unsold or unutilized products.

They will try to save all the food they can. Imperfect foods do not take into consideration the look of the product, rather its nutritious value and freshness. In 5 years on the market, the service has managed to create an efficient delivery system of groceries. One of the main differences here is that you can even get these products cheaper than at your local grocery store. With frequent discounts, you get the best possible price. First of all, make sure that your location is supported for the delivery of products. The coverage is limited to 38 states.

The Imperfect Foods reviews that we would come across would suggest that the freshness and quality are corresponding to the highest standards.

Imperfect Foods sources its produce from the US and other countries as well. The majority of produce comes from California. Around 80% of all food products from US are grown in this state. It is not surprising that most produce comes from there but it is not limited only to California because the problem of food waste is a global one.


Every service has its ups and downs and in our imperfect produce reviews we will try to identify the main ones. First, we’d like to mention that there are very few downsides, one of the major ones being the limited delivery area. The imperfect produce delivery area can be checked at the beginning of your subscription and this will give you a clear idea of the shipping time required.

We have to mention here that unlike other food delivery services, cooking is required here from the get-go. However, you can plan your meals by using various recipes provided and order just the produce that would be necessary for this process.

The main con is the battle with food waste. Food waste is still a global problem and the expansion of such services would be able to influence this process on a higher level. The service has implemented a successful model that allows the fruit and vegetable and fruit that was not solved to get on your table. The other con is the low price. The produce that looks less “perfect” does not usually sell for the same price but its overall quality is not any lower.

The service is very convenient and it’s easy to select the produce you need. If you have allergies or any specific dietary preferences, you can easily customize and select the products that need to be delivered.

The packaging is 100% recyclable and the detailed instructions can be found on the website.

With the help of an Imperfect Foods promo code, you can get a discount for your first order. Usually, these codes are displayed on the website and you can introduce those in the necessary field.

How it works

In this imperfect produce review we will describe the process of creating a subscription in detail. It takes only a few minutes to complete all the forms and receive a confirmation to your email.

imperfect produce review

If you’ve decided to go ahead with delivery of “imperfect” produce, you need to have an idea of what to expect from the service. Your experience with this company will start once you decide to sign up.

You’ll be asked to provide your ZIP code to check whether delivery to your area is possible. In case of an approval, you can choose the next step, which is the selection of grocery box (regular or organic).

You’ll be asked to specify your food preferences by choosing from: Meat and Fish pack, Snack pack, Dairy pack, or Grains pack. This step can be skipped as well if you wish to continue with the signing up process. After you create your account, you’ll be able to proceed to the delivery options and to check out.

After you receive a box with ingredients, you may be wondering – what should you do with them? Imperfect foods has thought about that as well, and they’ve creates easy recipes for their produce. In their FAQ section you can find quick access recipes and also check their resource website “The Whole Carrot”. You can find new interesting recipes there and subscribe to their social media for additional links and information.


At the very beginning you are offered to choose either the regular box which includes conventional and fresh produce or the organic box that includes organically grown produce.

Depending on your preferences and budget you can go for the first or the second. There is no minimal order amount so you can select as many or as little products as you need. The price of the shipping will always stay $4.99.

– Organic Box – starts at $24
– Regular Box – starts at $16

Depending on your preferences, there will be an estimated weekly subtotal price. The subscription is flexible, and you can introduce the necessary changes, skip a week, or cancel it altogether. In case you don’t want to keep any information on the website (your contact details) there’s an option to erase all the data completely by choosing the “erase me” option in the Privacy Center.

Even if you decide to cancel your subscription, you’ll be asked for reviews of the imperfect produce by the service. It shows that Imperfect Foods is still trying to adjust its service and understand the necessities of its customers.


This service is unique in many ways. You are receiving fresh groceries to your doorstep while saving money at the same time. The subscription is highly customizable, as you are given the possibility to change or cancel it at any time. You’ll have to introduce the changes well before your next scheduled delivery. In the FAQ section of the website you can find detailed information on that with the necessary instructions. Imperfect foods states that their produce doesn’t look as good as the products that are usually being sold first but the taste and quality are exceptional.

The use of Imperfect Foods benefits our environment. By reducing the food waste, you are directly influencing the ecologic situation. Also, you can benefit from a large selection of recipes from their resource website “The Whole Carrot”.

Is Imperfect Foods worth it? We consider that this service is worth trying just because of its unique concept and endless possibilities for creating positive changes. If you’re fond of cooking but you’re tired of grocery shopping all the time, then you absolutely need to try it out. There will be no problems canceling your subscription in the future.