Home Chef vs Sun Basket

Last Updated on October 4, 2020

The best food delivery services are characterized by an incredibly high level of quality and responsive customer support crew. Even though this is very important, we think that there are many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration. We will take a closer look at the food itself and what benefits you could gain by using either of today’s two selected services. In this Home Chef vs Sun Basket review, we will uncover their peculiarities, and their pros and cons.

In the conclusion we will summarize all these pros and cons to come up with the ultimate winner. Even though they seem so similar at first glance, there are many things that differentiate them.

Short Overview/Delivery Area

Home Chef

  • Number of meals per week: up to 20 recipes
  • Special diets: Nut-free, Poultry, Vegetarian, Soy-free, Carb and Calorie Conscious, Seafood, and other
  • Shipping charges: The standard price for shipping is $10
  • Headquarters: Chicago
Home Chef vs Sun Basket review

Home Chef’s shipping services cover almost the entire area of the US. You’ll find out whether you location is supported by providing your ZIP code in the process of creating a subscription. This service is following the modern trends by incorporating certified organic produce. The time required for cooking has been minimized, although it is engaging and fun thanks to detailed instructions provided with the boxes.


  • A decent selections of meals
  • Mostly organic produce


  • There is a shipping fee included in the price
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Sun Basket

  • Number of meals per week: 18 different meals to choose from
  • Special diets: Lean & Clean, Paleo, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Gluten-free and other
  • Shipping charges: $5.99 weekly charges
  • Headquarters: San Francisco

Sun Basket is a newer service with somewhat less achievements than its competition. This doesn’t influence the quality in any way. Its desire to deliver exclusive and organic produce is admirable. There are experienced chefs crafting the meals and we can see that this approach pays off. An additional selection of breakfasts, lunches and snacks makes it a good choice for busy people.


  • Plenty recipes to choose from
  • Mostly organic produce
  • Generous servings
  • Competitive prices


  • There is a fee included for delivery
Sun Basket vs Home Chef


Home Chef provides has a flexible menu. It is highly customizable. There is no need to have professional cooking skills to obtain the best taste out of the delivered ingredients. The average cost of meals is $9.96. The starting cost of a single portion is $6.99.

Sun Basket offers the following options:

1. Classic Menu

  • – 2 recipes per week – $12.99
  • – 3 recipes per week – $11.99
  • – 4 recipes per week – $10.99

2. Family Menu

  • – 2, 3, 4 recipes per week – $10.99

The more servings you order, the more the price decreases.

Both companies have flexible plans but in our review of Sun Basket vs Home Chef, Home Chef looks more budget-oriented.

Types of Menu: Sun Basket vs Home Chef

Home Chef can offer a lot of protein filled meals for those who prefer this dietary plan. This is perfect for active people and those who enjoy frequent sports activities. Additionally to the meals that require 30 minute for cooking, you will find oven-ready meals and 15-minute preparation dishes.

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With Home Chef you can browse through the available options, view the nutritional value and potentially allergic ingredients. There will also be displayed tips for cooking from service’s top chefs.

Sun Basket has extensive menu featuring option from different categories and these are: Carb-Conscious, Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-free, Vegan, Mediterranean, Quick & Easy, Pescatarian ,Vegetarian, Diabetes-Friendly, and The Chef’s Choice.

Variety of dishes

There’s a weekly rotating menu system that allows the customer to try different things on a constant basis.

The best Home Chef based on our experience are:

  • – Steak and Mushroom Melt on Pretzel Bun
  • – Cajun Shrimp Jambalaya with Peppers and Onions
  • – Jalapeño Popper Pub Burger with Garlic Herb Potatoes
  • For Sun Basket, we have found the following gems on their menu:
  • – Seared salmon with chimichurri and Provençal vegetables
  • – Pappardelle with wilted spinach, sweet peas, and fresh ricotta
  • – Mediterranean turkey meatballs with chard and red pepper–cashew crema

As we can see, the difference between Sun Basket and Home Chef here is very small. They have exquisite things to offer. Sun Basket has an upper hand here because of an extra choice of breakfast, lunch, snacks, pasta & sauce, and protein options.

Quality of products

Both Sun Basket and Home Chef are proving basic information about their vendors and partners. These include trusted farmers who’ve implemented organic practices. When we compare Home Chef vs Sun Basket, we see that there’s active work being done in order to bring as many organic products to your table as possible.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

Recycling is one of the main methods of reducing the environmental impact. This is why both services are providing detailed information regarding the recycle of each component of the boxes. Less waste equals is better for our planet. All the necessary details can be found in the FAQ sections of the websites. When we take into consideration the competition of Sun Basket vs Home Chef vs Hello Fresh in this regard, all of them tend to use recyclable material for their packaging.

Ordering Process

If you’d like to start the ordering process, you have to create a subscription first. Otherwise you won’t be able to get access to all the features and check if your location is supported by the shipping service.


There is a FAQ section for both services. The answers are categorized, which makes it easier to find the necessary one. If you have additional questions that are not provided with an answer, you can get in touch with a representative. You can either fill out a special form or send an email. Usually, there’s a phone number as well.

There’s not much difference in the responsiveness of both services. We were glad the Support Center is capable of providing timely assistance.


Which one is better? This Home Chef vs Sun Basket “competition” has come to an end and it’s time to draw conclusions. We have found out that both of these services are providing high-quality ingredients for easy and engaging cooking. The end result is fairly good. A lot of how your meal looks depends on the way you’ve been preserving the ingredients after they’ve arrived. The customer support is reachable both for Home Chef and Blue Apron. The price policy is slightly more flexible for Home Chef and it is more budget-oriented. For this reason, Home Chef takes the top spot.