HelloFresh Meal Delivery Review

Last Updated on October 4, 2020

Every food delivery service (and HelloFresh too) has something special about it. There is a peculiarity that attracts customers. In the case of HelloFresh, it’s an incredible reputation span across many years. Gradually making its way from a German-based company, it became one of the biggest services on the market in the USA and many other countries.

In this HelloFresh review, we will analyze what exactly makes this company so good, and where it has room for improvement. We’re going to examine the basics and come up with a comprehensive conclusion. You’ll find out for yourself whether you’d like to try it out for yourself. We will take a look at HelloFresh and how it works.

Is Hellofresh Worth it

Short Overview/Delivery Area

As mentioned, HelloFresh food delivery was created in Germany and later expanded into nearby countries and the USA. This is one of the first services that have set a business model that works even today, and many other services have tried to replicate it. Hello Fresh Meal Delivery positions itself as budget-friendly, and it has also developed a number of brands that have some unique features as well.

These are Green Chef, EveryPlate, and Chefs Plate. Chefs Plate operates exclusively in Canada. HelloFresh continues to expand while maintaining and improving its environmental policy. Currently, the delivery works only across the continental USA with plans to expand it to Hawaii and Alaska in the near future. It’s likely that in our next Hello Fresh reviews the delivery area will be expended.

How Does HelloFresh Work/Ordering process

If you’d like to try the service and see if HelloFresh is worth the money then you’d have to go through a simple process of creating a subscription. First, you’ll be offered to choose the brand and country. Once you click on the preferred option, you’ll be reminded one more time why the service is so popular in the US. What’s interesting is that you’ll be offered to select a meal plan and only after that it’s going to be needed to provide an email address and create a subscription. There may be an additional promo-discount offered at the beginning of your journey. After you’ve selected the meal plan, you’ll be able to set the delivery options.

Is Hellofresh Worth it: Pricing

So, how much is Hello Fresh per week? The good news is that your preference will not influence the cost of the plan. The number of recipes per week and the number of people will influence the final price. If you’re ordering for 4 people and at least 3 recipes per week then you will benefit from the lowest price of $7.49 per serving. The shipping of the boxes with ingredients will cost you an additional $7.99. Considering the overall quality of this meal delivery service, the price of their meals is quite competitive. You can control how many meals hello fresh sends for two people weekly by managing your plan settings.

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Types of Menu

The Menu of the HelloFresh meal kit is diverse. If you are looking to adopt a specific diet, you can find nut/dairy/gluten-free options as well as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and keto meals. The entire weekly selection of meals can be found on the official website or the HelloFresh app. The nutritional information for every recipe will help you identify its caloric value and any ingredients to which you may be allergic. The team of dieticians makes sure to post the information and highlight and potential allergens in every meal, such as wheat, milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish. Hellofresh ratings are constantly growing because people are getting used to nutritious and healthy dishes.

The classic HelloFresh plan can be customized based on your preferences and the following options are available: beef-free, pork-free, seafood-free, Veggie, Family-Friendly, Calorie Smart, quick, or variety. These are displayed on the page where you’ll be offered to choose your plan before you create a subscription. The HelloFresh family plan is usually the most popular one.

Hello Fresh Meal Options / Variety of dishes

You can preview the available meals for the upcoming weeks. There is a rotating menu system that allows you to try new recipes on a constant basis. Because of the large variety of recipes, there’s always something new to try. HelloFresh mainly specializes on classic ingredients and dishes but you may find more exotic options as well.

HelloFresh reviews

We have tried some of the options to see which ones are the most delicious ones. We agreed with some of Hello fresh meal reviews that suggested Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken is the best meal of 2019. Other recipes may impress you are:

  • Street-Cart-Style Chicken Shawarma Bowls (30 minute preparation);
  • Firecracker Meatballs (40-minute cooking required);
  • Lemon Tortelloni Palermo (will be ready in around 30 minutes);
  • Creamy Lemon Spinach Ricotta Ravioli (you’ll need around 40 minutes to prepare this one);
  • Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Cavatappi (25 minutes).

Hello Fresh Review: Quality of products

It is not a secret HelloFresh is very careful with its selected ingredients. There is a strict control implemented for every stage of production, starting with the selection of products and ending with delivery. Every aspect has to work perfectly and the team of chefs and nutritionist has to be on top of the modern trends of healthy and well-balanced nutrition. A comparison of meal delivery services of the same class would demonstrate that dietary diversity is key when it comes to attracting new customers.

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HelloFresh meal delivery doesn’t hide the fact they are not focusing mainly on organic produce. They concentrate their efforts on the taste and look of the ingredients. While the majority of their ingredients are not organic, they are cooperating with trusted partners to get high-quality, seasonal, and farm-sourced produce.

The meat corresponds with the highest standards HelloFresh is personally inspecting every vendor in order to assure the complete safety of the product. Chicken and pork is not injected with hormones. As for the seafood, the same principle applies here as well. All the information regarding the sourcing of these ingredients can be found on the website.

HelloFresh review

How can you keep the products fresh?

Because the boxes you receive contain cooling materials, such as ice packs, you won’t have to worry about the freshness of the ingredients. Next, it will be up to you. In this review, I need to say Hello Fresh recommends keeping all protein frozen before cooking. The meat should be kept cooled not longer than 5 days before cooking and fish – not longer than 2 days. Even if you’re not at home during the time of delivery, the products inside the box will be kept fresh and cool. Any Hello Fresh box reviews associated with package damage will have to be reported in case you’ve encountered any issues.

Boxes Review/Environmental Impact

Not surprisingly, a large number of food delivery services are suffering from bad reviews related to packaging. The issue may not even be the quality, but the excessive use of non-recyclable materials. How does HelloFresh deal with this? Today’s ecologic standards are dictating some very high standards. HelloFresh has dedicated a section of its website to the process of recycling every single component of their packaging.

They are providing a step-by-step instruction that’s explaining in detail what you have to do. If you care about the environment and execute everything properly, then any damage to the ecosystem would be minimized. Hello Fresh price policy is not affected by their plans of improving the ecological situation.

Who is it good for?

HelloFresh is perfect for those who would like to spend their evenings back home without much hassle. Also, you’ll be saving a lot of time by skipping on the necessary trips to the grocery shops. You won’t have to think of what to cook when there’s a pre-planned list of dishes implemented into your diet.

The expert dieticians have created hundreds of delicious recipes that don’t take much time for preparation. Our Hello Fresh family box review would like to suggest with this service you have a good chance to spend extra time with your close ones.

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The service works well for families. The standard plans were created for 2 or 4 people. HelloFresh mentions there are many instances when a 3 meal plan for 2 people are ordered by single-person households. Many hellofresh.com reviews suggest the extra meals can be used for lunch the next day.

There is decent flexibility when it comes to dietary preferences. If there are ingredients you’d like to skip, the service will recommend something else, fitting your needs. With pre-measured ingredients and boxes made of completely recyclable materials, you create less waste.

reviews of hellofresh

Support Meal Delivery Service

HelloFresh provides a Help Center and FAQ section that allows you to visualize and find answers to the most popular questions. The questions are divided into the following basic categories: About HelloFresh, Account Management, Delivery, Gift Cards/Vouchers, Payment & Billing, Placing & Editing Orders, Recipes & Ingredients, and the HelloFresh app. The downloadable version of the app can be found on the website. We didn’t encounter and reviews of hellofresh the app, but we can say it is quite easy to deal with.

In case you couldn’t find an answer you were looking for, the Help Center allows you to contact a service representative. You can do this via Chat or a phone call at any time during the day.

Controlling your subscription account is really easy. You can skip, pause or change your meal preferences whenever you like. Also, you can customize your delivery options.

Special promotions and gift cards are a usual thing at HelloFresh. Usually, they do provide good discounts on your first order. There is also the infamous HelloFresh 9 free meals discount which can be activated with a coupon code.

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hellofresh meal kit

Hello Fresh Reviews: Conclusion

Is HelloFresh worth it? There are a lot of interesting things to experience with this one. Because it is one of the first food delivery services that has stayed and grown in a very competitive market, you can expect excellent quality and taste of ingredients. The cooking instruction cards inside the boxes will facilitate the process, and you will have a delicious meal for you and your family in around 30 minutes. Unlike some other similar services, HelloFresh does make the process of cooking more engaging. The recipes are not very simple, but it’s completely worth your time. These were created by teams of dieticians and perfected by experienced chefs. The complete nutrition information on each dish can be easily found.

If you’d like to switch to a healthy and well-balanced diet, HelloFresh may serve as an ideal entry point. Is HelloFresh healthy even though much of its produce is not organic? They are controlling the quality of their ingredients, so their meals are as healthy and delicious as possible. On the market of prepared foods, this is a definitely a big advantage.