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Last Updated on March 31, 2021

The life of a modern person is similar to the competition in the style of “Catch up TIME”. But you still need to think about health and figure if you want to live a long and successful life. And now you can find any whim for our money and possibilities.

The Hello Fresh service for the delivery of meal kits can already rushing the healthy food to your home. And not only this service. There are quite a lot of HelloFresh alternatives. It was for busy people that reasonable services were created for the delivery of ready-made food and sets of products for preparing a variety of dishes according to a special menu.

Subway Vegetarian Subs
Subway Vegetarian Subs

HelloFresh Competitors (Alternatives)

HelloFresh Alternatives

This is very convenient. You open the box and all the ingredients in front of you, all in the required quantity and are designed for 30 minutes of cooking time. Nowadays, people often order meal kits at home rather than go to a restaurant. All because this is a more budget option, which is in no way inferior to a restaurant dish. And it also has its charm when you cook the dish yourself or with your loved one.

Along with the development of such a service, more and more companies began to appear on the market that offers you to prepare restaurant dishes with home delivery. Meal delivery services like Hello Fresh do not have halls with tables, but they have the best cooks and websites with the proposed several menus.

Hello Fresh is one of the most popular meal kit delivery services, thanks to the fact that HelloFresh offers simple and balanced recipes using organic products. HelloFresh catches its potential customers with simplicity, convenience and at the same time a quality kitchen. But in this article, we want to look at five Hello Fresh competitors that deserve special attention. Let’s consider them:


  • Main Benefit: Ready-to-eat and healthy meals.
  • Diets Accommodated: gluten-free, low-carb, calorie-conscious, high-protein, soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian meals.
  • Average Price: $8.99-$12.50, per entree.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes.
  • Delivery costs: Free.

Freshly refers to those companies that offer their customers gourmet cuisine. The menu is developed by the best cooks, respectively, all Freshly dishes are tasty and healthy.

Freshly - hellofresh competitor

If we talk about companies that offer the same things like HelloFresh does, it should be mentioned that if you look at the composition of the delivered products from Freshly, then you realize that they are better. Freshly individually approaches each client and offers a varied menu and only organic food that has passed laboratory testing.

You will also be amazed at Freshly thoughtful service and timely product delivery. HelloFresh has a simpler and cheaper service, so Freshly stands out against its background. Freshly is a refined HelloFresh alternative. Thanks to carefully prepared products, the time you spend on cooking are so small that you can relax after work with a glass of long island while you cook, and then have a delicious dinner.

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Green Chef

  • Main Benefit: Ingredients of the superior quality.
  • Diets Accommodated: organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, plant-powered, keto, vegan, paleo meals.
  • Average Price: $10.99-$12.99, per entree.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No.
  • Delivery costs: $9.

Green Chef is one of the leading certified organic product delivery services. Green Chef also offers its customers many different nutrition plans for various diets. Green Chef professional chefs always have new creative recipes and ideas for healthy, nutritious and most importantly delicious dishes.

Green Chef - Alternative to HelloFresh

This company is a healthy HelloFresh alternative. Green Chef will undoubtedly satisfy every taste and appetite. Green Chef is a true representative of green companies. Green Chef cares about its customers and the environment.

Therefore, the products that Green Chef supplies are environmentally friendly. The company buys all the ingredients from trusted farmers. Next, Green Chef neatly packs the products in a biodegradable box, and with the help of ice packs, the products are delivered fresh to your door.

Green Chef is the best delivery service, especially when it comes to the environmental dimension. If we do HelloFresh competitors’ comparison on the environmental impact of waste, then Green Chef will win in this comparison.


  • Main Benefit: Prepared and just convenient meals with calorie-controlled.
  • Diets Accommodated: keto-carb, seafood, vegetarian, organic, low-calorie, low-carb diabetes-friendly meals.
  • Average Price: $7.52-$10.94, per entree.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes.
  • Delivery costs: $19.98.

Diet-To-Go lives up to its name and offers customers diet foods. If you want to lose weight, you have to work. Diet-To-Go will help its clients achieve their goals in the shortest possible way.

Diet-To-Go - company like Hello Fresh

The first thing customers should know is that in your struggle for a perfect body, Diet-To-Go is your main ally. Therefore, the first advice from Diet-To-Go is to make the bodywork for you. Diet-To-Go will help make your food right, and you won’t waste your expensive minutes cooking it, as meal services like HelloFresh do.

Diet-To-Go experts will prepare an individual menu for the day or the whole week, ready meals will be delivered to your address, and you can devote your free time to sports or fitness. Also, one of the advantages of Diet-To-Go is the ability to take your prepared meals from your fitness club or local gym and avoid shipping costs.

For example, if you work in a Manhattan zone, then it will be easier for you to contact this meal kit service for delivering grocery boxes and get full-fledged diet meals, rather than looking for a similar source of your lunch or dinner. With the help of Diet-To-Go and under the guidance of qualified specialists, you can fearlessly start any program to improve your own body.

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  • Main Benefit: Convenience and value.
  • Diets Accommodated: quick and easy, nut-free, kid-friendly, from the sea, from the ranch, vegetarian meals.
  • Average Price: $9.95-$11.99, per serving.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes.
  • Delivery costs: $6.99.

Gobble is slightly different from other companies like HelloFresh in two “innovations”: the ingredients are already washed, peeled and chopped, and you can also get lunch sets for the whole week. Accordingly, with Gobble, your dinner will be ready within 15 minutes. For such services, this is a record time.

Gobble - HelloFresh Alternative

If you want to cook dishes immediately for the whole week, then you will spend only an hour and a half to cook. After that, you can forget about the need to prepare dinner. All that you need in the future is just to warm up the food. Gobble is ideal for families because the menu that Gobble offers is perfect for everyone.

With Gobble, you can spend less time cooking and more time with your loved ones. Perhaps Gobble is the best of all alternatives to HelloFresh. Gobble and HelloFresh are similar to each other, but if you need more free time while not forgetting to eat right, then you should stop at Gobble.

It must be remembered that HelloFresh and other services selling home-cooked meal kits are designed to make life easier. All you need to do is choose the service that is right for you. And will be it the HelloFresh or other HelloFresh alternatives is up only to you.


  • Main Benefit: The most diverse.
  • Diets Accommodated: low-calorie, pescatarian, low-carb, omnivore, seafood, vegetarian, gluten-free meals per week
  • Average Price: $9.95-$11.95, per serving.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No.
  • Delivery costs: $6.

Plated is another meal kits service that pays great attention to the quality of the ingredients supplied and has been working with reliable partners for many years.

Plated offers its customers about 20 recipes per week, including a dessert recipe. Based on this, the client has approximately 6,175 combinations of dishes each week. HelloFresh cannot boast of such a variety, and also not many HelloFresh competitors have such a diverse.

Prepared foods by Plated recipe is quick and easy. Plated delivers to its customers only fresh produce directly from farmers. If you have to adhere to a certain diet, then it is with Plated that you will be comfortable doing it. All thanks to the proposed variety of menus, which also changes every week.

Food delivery services like HelloFresh do not always offer exquisite spices and oils for their dishes, Plated, in turn, is not so strict and vice versa includes various spices in all dishes.