Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket

Last Updated on April 26, 2020

There are many services dealing with food delivery. Fresh ingredients are combined with chef-crafted recipes to create a special exquisite restaurant atmosphere at home.

The lack of spare time is one of the deciding factors here. The possibility to minimize the time of cooking and the need for grocery shopping is being used to the max here. Meal kits offer the necessary flexibility.

We will take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of each service to identify the best company on the market. So it is Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket. Who will be the winner?

Overall Winner Is HelloFresh.com! – $30 off for the first order

Hello FreshSun Basket
Plans20 per week18 per week
Quality of products9.09.0
Boxes/Environmental Impact9.59.0
Ordering process10.08.5
Overall Score9.78.9

We’ve decided to compare two of the leading companies dealing with meal kits. The first one is a German-based company called Hello Fresh. It has occupied the leading position in the US market for quite some time. The second one is Sun Basket that’s located in California. This service promises to deliver only fresh, organic, and fresh ingredients to your table.

The Choice of Plans

Hello Fresh Plans

With Hello Fresh you will get the following options:

  1. Meat and veggie plan which is as the name suggests comprised of meat and veggie driven dishes.
  2. The family-friendly plan is perfect for kids and their parents, you can also adjust the number of servings.
  3. Veggie Plan which is a good option for vegetarians also because of a large selection of dishes.
  4. . Low-calorie plan which is perfect for those who’d like to lose weight and keep their wellbeing a top priority.
Hello Fresh vs Sun Basket: comparison

Sun Basket Plans

With Sun Basket you get the following menu plans available both for 2 and for 4 people:

  1. Carb-Conscious is perfect for those who want to lose weight and maintain health. All the meals are properly labeled, showing the proper amount of calories.
  2. Paleo is a specific diet that has very strict limitations. People who are following it do not consume ingredients that are high in protein. So here you will see only fresh and organic vegetables.
  3. Lean & Clean is another calorie-friendly plan that stimulates the loss of weight. You will be able to manage your weight without any problems. The dishes here are around 550 or less per serving. There is no dairy, gluten, or soy included in the meals.
  4. 4. The gluten-free friendly plan is exactly what the name suggests. It includes quality meat, vegetables, seafood and no ingredients that would contain even traces of gluten.
  5. Vegan – is another plan that includes fruit, vegetables, and plant-based protein.
  6. The Mediterranean plan represents a specific diet that doesn’t have calorie restrictions but provides with dishes made of meat, seafood and includes a lot of good fats, whole grains, and herbs.
  7. With the Quick & Easy plan you will not have to spend a lot of time at the kitchen. The recipes included in this category are simple and don’t require any special skills. 
  8. The pescatarian plan is a combination of vegetables with seafood and sustainably sourced wild-caught fish.
  9. The vegetarian represents a classic diet that incorporates fresh organic vegetables, eggs, dairy, and fruit.
  10. The diabetes-Friendly plan is perfect for keeping the sugar level in blood at an optimal level.
  11. The Chef’s Choice helps select the most delicious recipes crafted by Chef’s and made from the high-quality organic ingredients with the addition of Sun Basket exclusive sauces.
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Judging by the number of plans, we can conclude that Sun Basket offers more flexibility. The number of meals is almost the same with Sun Basket offering 18 different meals every week and Hello Fresh offering 20 different choices every week. 

Both companies have to offer enough flexibility with the changes introduced in the plans. You can easily change, add or remove certain dishes from your menu.

Quality of ingredients

Both companies are aiming at high-quality standards in terms of provided ingredients.

With Sun Basket the situation is one of a kind. They promise on their official website that all the ingredients they provide are organic and sustainably sourced. No other company on the market has made any similar claims. 

Hello Fresh meals are also kept it as environmentally friendly, sustainable and tasty as possible. They are providing detailed information on their ingredients and the goal to have only the finest of them included in their boxes.

The meat is of natural origin and is not injected with antibiotics while their avocados are freshly sourced from San Diego plantations.

Although Hello Fresh doesn’t offer only products of organic origin, they focus on the overall quality while adding more fruit and vegetables to the customer’s table.

Flexibility and customer support

In order to get started, you would need to subscribe and then choose your plan along with the delivery options. Both companies offer enough flexibility with the subscriptions, meaning that you can skip weeks, change your meal plan or simply cancel your subscription with no additional fees. (For menu changes, the final prices WILL DEPEND on the dishes that you have chosen).

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Sun basket or hello fresh: which one is better with delivery?

Delivery is also flexible but you have to set it properly in advance or else they would deliver your box at an inconvenient time. If you encounter any difficulties or something doesn’t go as planned, you can always contact their customer support, and they will assist you as quickly as possible.

Both companies are offering certain promotions for starters. However, these may change from time to time. There’s no more free trial period available for any of these services.

And the winner is…

Although the quality of packaging, ingredients, delivery is roughly the same, we have to say that the winner depends on the customer’s preferences. In order to compare Sun Basket and Hello Fresh, you would have to try both, but my own winner is HelloFresh.com.

Hello Fresh with its classic meals that taste just like in the restaurant and are very easy to cook would definitely appeal to a lot of customers. Contrary to that, Sun Basket offers a lot of diversity through its plans and specific diets. The food tastes incredible and you can also go for more complexity in your dishes.

While Sun Basket in more engaging from the cooking point of view, Hello Fresh makes it easier for those who need to spend less time in the kitchen.