Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron: review and comparison

Last Updated on January 12, 2020

There are many companies that are actively engaged in the delivery of freshly prepared meals. It is a very competitive medium where the customer’s feedback does make a change. These meal kit companies have to correspond to some of the highest standards if they want to stay afloat.

We have identified two well-known Companies in order to provide you with a detailed analysis of these top competitors. So, when making the choice seems to be difficult, our hello fresh vs. blue apron review can certainly be taken as a deciding factor. Today, the market has a lot to provide, and we want to find out what is the best solution in terms of quality and price.

The choice of menus

With Hello Fresh you will get the following options:

  1. Meat and veggie plan which is as the name suggests comprised of meat and veggie driven dishes.
  2. The family-friendly plan is perfect for kids and their parents, you can also adjust the number of servings.
  3. Veggie Plan which is a good option for vegetarians also because of a large selection of dishes.
  4. Low-calorie plan which is perfect for those who’d like to lose weight and keep their wellbeing a top priority.

Blue Apron has to offer the following menu options:

  1. The signature for 2 and for 4 servings plan encompasses meals made of meat, fish, vegetables and many other ingredients for fast and easy cooking.
  2. The freestyle plan was created for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle and well-balanced nutrition.

Selection of dishes

Most customers are interested in the main aspects of food delivery services. These are taste, freshness, and selection. So, is it blue apron or hello fresh: which one is better – hellofreshvsblueapron.com?

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Hello Fresh makes sure to offer as many recipes per week as possible. They prefer to keep it close to 20 dishes every week. There are many dishes to choose from depending on your preferences. Even if you are a vegetarian or just searching for a plan that would help to lose some weight, you can easily find chef-created dishes of top quality. The menu is not set in stone. You can swap dishes for your weekly plan whenever you want.

With Blue Apron you get less flexibility in terms of dishes suggestions for every week. The number revolves around 8 dishes for a two-person plan and 6 for the family-friendly plan. Similarly to Hello Fresh, you will find vegetarian and low-calorie dishes on the menu.

Both of these companies provide you with the opportunity to swap dishes and add more of your favorite options. Do you like to have more vegetables in your servings? That’s not a problem. The cuisine is also very diverse with Mexican and Italian food present on the menu. Low-calorie, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes can also be selected. 

The complexity of the cuisine

The complexity of dishes impacts the time of cooking and that’s why both Companies made sure to keep it reasonable. Most customers are picking these delivery services because they don’t have enough time to do it by themselves. Most of the dishes on the menu will be ready in 30 minutes or under.

Tastewise we can say that Hello Fresh managed to capture the classic flavors that we’re used to experiencing in good restaurants. The quality of ingredients is high and the instructions for cooking are precise. The dishes are slightly less sophisticated than what Blue Apron has to offer. This makes the time of cooking less of an issue.

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Blue Apron is a better choice for those who enjoy the process of cooking and want to get a higher level of involvement. The food is delicious but sometimes it slightly deviates from the classic recipes.    

Quality of ingredients: Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

In the tight competition of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh, we have to say that both of these services guarantee the quality of the ingredients with the information being posted on their official websites. Blue apron uses organic farm vegetables and meat that doesn’t have added hormones and is antibiotic-free. Pasta is being provided by a family-run company based in New Jersey and founded in 1971.

Hello, Fresh is also providing detailed information on their ingredients and the goal to have only the finest of them included in their boxes. They try to keep it as environmentally friendly, sustainable and tasty as possible. The meat is not genetically modified and doesn’t have antibiotics while their avocados are freshly sourced from San Diego.

The meal kits

The packaging may seem very similar at first glance, with the labels being printed on the sides of the boxes. However, the real difference can be spotted after you open the box to see what’s inside.

Hello, Fresh makes use of small plastic bags to keep all the ingredients separate. They sort all of them and add convenient labels. Inside the box, you will also find detailed instructions for the quick cooking process. It is easy to take out all the ingredients and start cooking right away.

The situation is a little bit different for Blue Apron. There is no systematic packaging that would ensure that all the ingredients stand separately. Separate packaging is mainly used for things like vinegar and spices. The labels also may not appear everywhere. It would take you a few minutes to sort everything out.

The website and the app

You can find official websites for both companies. The same goes for apps. After signing in, you get access to choosing your plan, methods of payment, and delivery options. You can also customize your plan by introducing meals from other plans or swapping them however you like. On the website, you can view the menu plan for the current week, the previous week and the next week together with detailed information on each dish.

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Plan terms

Both companies allow certain flexibility with the possibility to skip a week or to cancel the subscription at any time. The days of delivery and times can be customized as well. You can cancel your subscription for Hello Fresh meals by using the app or on the website. The cancellation with Blue Apron works a little bit differently. You’d have to contact their customer support and request the cancellation. 

Additional possibilities

Both services have to offer similar add-ons with a few differences. Hello Fresh offers a monthly wine subscription. The customer can choose from 3 different wine categories: mixed, red, and white. You can also cancel your plan online. The subscription would cost you $89 for 6 bottles. One bottle comes at the price of $14.83. Another option includes a useful selection of kitchenware.

Blue Apron similarly has a wine plan with the possibility to match the wine to a specific dish. The bottles of wine provided here are slightly smaller, with a volume of 500ml. The price per bottle is $10 and a monthly subscription would cost you $65.99, including the shipping fee. 


Both companies offer delicious meals, timely delivery, and extra options. In order to compare Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, we would have to take into account customer preferences. With Hello Fresh you will get a nicely packed box and a recipe for cooking that’s not too demanding. The complexity level of dishes is lower but the end result is still a delicious meal. Blue Apron offers a more challenging experience and it would certainly satisfy those who enjoy the process of cooking.