Healthy Meal Delivery Los Angeles: 5 Best Services

Last Updated on January 4, 2021

Meal prep delivery Los Angeles is a real thing when you have no time or desire to cook dinner. Modern food delivery services are ideal for business people who value time. They have already appreciated the benefits of ordering ready-made dishes at home. In my opinion, the main advantages are the following:

  • saving time and effort;
  • the ability to pick up a variety of dishes;
  • tasty and healthy food made from fresh natural ingredients;
  • the ability to quickly prepare a festive table for the arrival of guests;
  • attractive cost.

Contacting specialized meal delivery services is a real magic wand in holiday preparation. Besides, when organizing an event, you can use meal delivery services to save your time and efforts, and invite more guests. In this case, you will get your meals delivered to the venue of the holiday. It is a legal service, all rights reserved. Most meal delivery companies offer to create a personal account to use their meal service and get special offers via email and more. 

I have already tested some delivery services and this time I’d like to give you a review of the next 5 food delivery companies offering a healthy meal at the most affordable prices. Healthy meal delivery is not just a trend, it’s becoming a part of our culture and even more.

Best Food Delivery Services In Los Angeles

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fresh meal delivery in Los Angeles

The main convenience of this fresh meal delivery in Los Angeles is meal plan options – it means you can choose ingredients to customize your healthy menu if you control each portion and want to stay fit.  

Possible options:

  • Meat & Veggie (2 people)/3 recipes per week/ – $5.49* 
  • Calorie Smart (2 people) /3 recipes per week/ – $5.49*
  • Pescatarian (4 people) (fish and vegetables)/3 recipes per week – $5.74* 
  • Quick & Easy (2 people) /3 recipes per week/ – $5.49*

*+ free shipping in this prepared meal delivery included


  • Family-friendly
  • Easy to use app and website (you just need an email to log in)
  • Detailed ingredients and nutrition facts
  • Portions are controlled to stay fit or gain weight


  • Expensive
  • Not very earth-friendly, not all packages they provide is recyclable
  • Not organic
  • Not ideal for picky eaters


best meal delivery in Los Angeles

It can be called the best meal delivery in Los Angeles, at least one of them, no doubt. Freshly offers 4 different ordering options:

  • 4 dishes per week – $11.49/one
  • 6 dishes per week – $9.49/one
  • 10 dishes/ week – $8.99/one
  • 12 dishes/week – $8.49/one


  • A wide variety of dietary options
  • Small servings for one/two persons or small families
  • Quick customer service


  • Rather an expensive diet meal delivery in Los Angeles
  • Only microwave heating 
  • Some portions are too low in calories


It is a top weight loss meal delivery for people who lead a healthy way of life and have certain preferences in food. It is one of the most often tagged healthy food delivery in Los Angeles and this fame deserved. 


  • A wide choice of gluten-free, plant-based 
  • Suitable for nearly all dietary needs
  • Flexible subscription for this LA meal delivery
  • Built-in portion control


  • Any kinds of order changes including modification and cancellation can be performed by phone only


Another meal delivery service offering menu options of the restaurant quality. 

HomeChefs offers oven-ready choices and entrée salads that do not require prep work.

The price starts at $7.99 per serving, the average order is about $59. A dinner costs no more than $10, a lunch – $8. Free delivery to any door in Los Angeles CA. 


  • Dietary plans (low carbs, vegan menus, and more)
  • Fully customizable orders – it is so easy to make changes any time
  • Dishes can be cooked quickly (~30 mins). 


  • Dishes may not be good for people with allergy
  • Some dishes are too salty and fatty
  • Orders are delivered in plastic containers – it is not eco-friendly


Food delivery services in Los Angeles are highly appreciated by people who try to stay fit, use nutritionist advice, take NutriFit, and lead a healthy way of life. California Chef is known for its customer service and a wide choice of healthy meals. You can order a small or a big portion. The price starts at $9.00/dish or $76.00/week:

Breakfast -$12.00

Lunch/Dinner – $18.00

Afternoon Fuel -$8.00


  • Pescetarian Options
  • Kids friendly
  • Heavy emphasis on customization,


  • Some options are overpriced

I know more companies are offering wholesome dishes and it is up to you to choose the best delivery service in Santa Monica or LA. It is so easy to stay fit when cooking doesn’t require much time and you can choose the necessary amount of ingredients without leaving your home.