Gobble vs Blue Apron: comparison

Last Updated on April 11, 2020

The daily routine life of each of us inevitably includes at least shopping for groceries, planning and cooking, table servicing and dishwashing. And sometimes even to the most carefree person, these tasks cause discomfort because they take a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, services for the delivery of food boxes with an enclosed step-by-step recipe come to the rescue. Recently, companies that provide such services have become very popular. It is difficult for an ordinary person to decide which service to choose, so in this article, we would like to compare Gobble vs Blue Apron.

Gobble vs Blue Apron: comparison

Services such as Gobble and Blue Apron provide their customers with a meal-constructor service. To enjoy a great dinner, you need to choose the menu type and the desired food option on the official Gobble and Blue Apron websites.

Then the courier will deliver directly to your house a box with a certain amount of products and a step-by-step recipe for cooking. Because all the required ingredients are already packaged in the right quantity in packages, you just have to collect this “constructor”.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes. Such companies will help you forget about shopping and finding recipes. You can forget about monotonous and junk food. Another advantage of such companies is the ability to save money.

That is, thanks to them, you save time and money, but with all this, do not save on your health. If you have never used such a service, then for you Gobble and Blue Apron will be absolutely the same companies. But we can confidently say that if we examine them more closely, then the differences can be immediately identified. Let’s do it.

Comparison of Blue Apron and Gobble

Before we start comparing Blue Apron and Gobble, we need to talk a bit about these companies. According to that, it is difficult to analyze if you do not even know what you are dealing with. And so the first company to be discussed in this article is Blue Apron.

Comparison of Blue Apron and Gobble

Blue Apron is one of the very first and most popular food delivery services. This company has an already-debugged system of food supplies, menu formation, as well as environmentally friendly delivery of a grocery box directly to your home.

Blue Apron offers in its unique menu with a variety of recipes, unexpected taste combinations, and most importantly the time that you need to waste for cooking is as little as possible.

It is also famous for its Mediterranean cuisine and rich wine list. Blue Apron delivery area covers almost all states in the continental United States. To learn more, you need to go to the official website of the company and using your zip code to check whether Blue Apron delivers food sets in your region.

The second company that will be discussed is no less interesting and it is called Gobble. Gobble stands out among other similar companies with its zest.

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Only in Gobble, you can order a grocery box with a weekly menu, as well as all the ingredients supplied by this company, reach the consumer already in a cleaned and cut form. That is, you just have to open and throw everything in a certain order and your dinner is ready.

Thanks to this concept, Gobble is attracting more and more people to its ranks. After all, this option of food and fast and healthy and varied is what we need now in our modern world. Gobble delivery area covers most of all states in the continental United States.

Now, after a brief introduction to these popular services, we can make a more detailed comparison of Blue Apron and Gobble.

Blue Apron or Gobble: which is better?

Meal Options

Proper, healthy nutrition does not mean a boring menu and refusal of delicious dishes. Just the opposite! It implies a balance that can be achieved if there are different products and as much as the body requires. So he can get the necessary nutrients so that we can be healthy and active.

Therefore, no food is healthy or unhealthy, healthy or harmful in itself. It all depends on the portion size and frequency of food intake. You can eat everything but in the right quantities.

Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a food service with meal kits is the type of menu offered. Well, let’s look at what Blue Apron offers and what Gobble offers.

Types of Blue Apron Menus

Blue Apron is an excellent service, as it suits all people with any nutrition needs. By going to the Blue Apron official website on the Internet, you can see for yourself that the company offers GMO-free, omnivore, vegetarian, hormones-free, family-friendly and gluten-free meal programs.

We also mentioned earlier that Blue Apron has the advantage of a wine list that saves time for shopping, plus the wines on offer perfectly match your recipes. Besides, Blue Apron has its weight loss program called Weight Watchers Reimagined.

If you choose it, you will be surprised how quickly you can lose weight thanks to this diet and at the same time eating very tasty. The menu has four different meal plans that can have between two and four people, but the prices are slightly higher on the menu for 2 people.

Types of Gobble Menus

Speaking about the Gobble food plan, you need to know that even though it delivers almost ready meals, the company carefully monitors the incoming products. Gobble has a wide variety of meal plans, such as nut-free, kid-friendly, from the sea, from the ranch, vegetarian meals and many more. Gobble offers its customers soups, salads, cookies, and breakfast supplements.

Meal plans are for two or four people (the so-called Family Plan), and with both, you get a serving for $ 11.99. The minimum number of orders per week is two, and if you order only twice a week, then the price of your portion will increase to $ 13.99.

But with Gobble, you cannot order so little, as the company offers very interesting and varied dishes. Plus, do not forget that all the ingredients have already been washed, peeled and cut. If you have never cooked and would like to try yourself in this role, then Gobble is exactly what you need.

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With a slight margin in this category, Blue Apron wins, since the wine list is better than cookies.

2. Variety of dishes

Healthy eating is not so difficult these days thanks to the amazing food packages Blue Apron and Gobble offer. Nutritionists help the chefs of both companies create recipes that are balanced in the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals.

With the company, you can read all the information about the offered dish just by clicking on the recipe. Gobble, in turn, in addition to dinner and lunch, offers its customers to choose dishes for breakfast. Gobble and Blue Apron offer customization on their official website, and you can exclude certain ingredients of your choice (if for some reason you cannot eat them). Every week Gobble gives out some food for dietary needs.

The winner in this category is Gobble, as this service can offer you various dishes for breakfast. But that’s not all. We continue to compare them further.

3. Quality of products

All companies of this type try to collaborate with trusted suppliers who supply them with organic food. Gobble and Blue Apron are also among them. The products that they ultimately deliver in the boxes are fresh, tasty and non-GMO.

The policy on this issue is similar for both of these companies. They are purchased from local and trusted farmers or directly from ranchers. Despite this, Gobble does not provide any information regarding the certification of its products.

Blue Apron, on the other hand, takes this issue very seriously. Their main goal is only organic vegetables without GMOs, organic seafood recommended by Seafood Watch, without hormones and antibiotics!

An unconditional winner in this dispute is Blue Apron, as it openly shows that it is a certified organic handler.

4. Packaging and environmental impact

In recent years, the environmental problem has been acute in society, so almost all successful companies are trying to switch to an ecological analog of the material used.

Blue Apron and Gobble are no exception.

When ordering food sets, you accumulate a lot of packaging material during the week. Both companies care about customers and the environment. Therefore, their kits are always insulated, and food products are in ice or gel bags, containers and bags are recyclable, and the packaging box itself is made of their biodegradable material.

It is difficult to determine the leader in this category since they are completely similar. But if you delve into the details of the delivery, it should be noted that Blue Apron delivers meal kits for free, and Gobble does not.

The winner in this category is Blue Apron for us, due to free delivery it can be safely called the best delivery service.

5. Ordering process

To place an order for the desired meal kits, nothing supernatural is required from you. Gobble and Blue Apron provided a simple order form. If you have decided on the service, then the next step is to register on the official website of the company.

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This will take a little time =. Next, you need to decide on a nutrition plan and choose your favorite dishes and delivery time. After placing the order, the operators of the companies will contact you to clarify your order. That’s all, and now you will need to wait for the box under your door.

In this category, where Blue Apron vs Gobble should be, there is no winner and no loser. Based on the customer reviews of these companies, we can say with confidence that they are equal.

6. Pricing Policy

Sometimes it’s the pricing policy that can be the decisive point when choosing the company that suits you. As we said earlier, Gobble meal kits have the same price of $ 11.99 per serving, but shipping is paid. The shipping cost for one Gobble meal kit is $ 7.

Speaking about Blue Apron, it should be noted that from the chosen plan prices sometimes change very much. For example, for a family menu for 4 people, you will pay $ 9 per serving, and for a menu, for 2 people you will pay $ 11 per serving. And delivery at Blue Apron is free.

The clear winner in this area is Blue Apron.

7. Customer Support

Providing quality customer service is one of the most important competitive advantages of the company. The impression of a person from the service can affect his idea of the work of the whole company as a whole. Blue Apron and Gobble take proper care of their customers and are ready to help in difficult times.

Both companies provide the client with the opportunity to change the menu or even remove ingredients from the recipe that the client does not want to eat for some reason.

Both companies also provide the opportunity to cancel your order for a certain date, but to do this you need to report it at least one day in advance.

If you did not like your order, Blue Apron and Gobble allow you to return it and pay you the full amount only if everything remains in the same form in which you received it. Blue Apron also provides the opportunity to give you a free trial version of their product.

Gobble company does not give customers this opportunity but gives a 30% discount on the first order, as well as free delivery in the first week.

The winner in this category is Blue Apron, only because it provides the possibility of a free three-time trial version of its product.

Final Verdict

Summing up our review of two popular companies, we can highlight the clear winner. And that winner is Blue Apron. Of course, Gobble has its advantages. Only at Gobble can you find fully cooked ingredients that take 15 minutes to cook.

Thanks to this company, you can treat yourself to healthy lunches, various side dishes and amazing dinner recipes influenced by Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisine. But the big minus of this company is the cost of meal kits, and also they have a paid delivery.

Blue Apron does not require money for delivery and in the aggregate, the dishes are cheaper. In addition to the price, Blue Apron still provides for its customers better ingredients than Gobble. And exactly this was the decisive point in choosing the winner.