Freshly vs HelloFresh

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

Numerous food delivery services are struggling to get their fair share of the domestic and international markets. The service standards were set very high and in order to attract more customers, they had to provide some special features. In this review, we will take a look at two giants of the industry. The competition between Freshly vs Hello Fresh will consist of a close comparison. In the end, we will identify the winner by gathering all the points.

Freshly vs HelloFresh

Short Overview/Delivery Area


  • Number of meals per week: up to 12
  • Special Diets: Under 35 grams of carbs, Under 500 calories, Paleo-friendly, Vegetarian, Dairy-free.
  • Shipping charges: Included in the final price (no extra charge)
  • Headquarters: New York, US

Freshly will deliver fully-cooked meals to your table. One of its main advantages is that it has its own team of nutritionists and chef that are crafting delicious and healthy meals on a weekly basis. Another important thing is that the meals are not delivered frozen. Inside the special insulated boxes, they will be kept cold just like in a refrigerator. No additional cooking will be required, only a quick microwave heat up. The subscription is flexible and the customer will be able to cancel it or change his plan any time.


Freshly vs HelloFresh
  • Number of meals per week: 20 delicious recipes 
  • Special Diets: Paleo, Keto, Gluten-free, Vegetarian/Vegan.
  • Shipping charges: $6.99
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany, with numerous headquarters located in different countries
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HelloFresh is a service that specializes in the delivery of fresh and healthy food. There will be no need for any additional cooking. The products are delivered fresh and ready to heat in special insulated boxes. This service also provides nutritional information regarding every meal. HelloFresh is a real giant with its offices being located in many countries around the globe.




  • Creating the subscription won’t take a long time;
  • Good variety;
  • The food is never delivered frozen;
  • High-quality ingredients.


  • Some of the experiments with the recipes didn’t turn out to be amazing;
  • Small fridges may not fit all the boxes delivered at once;
  • Limited delivery area.



  • Nutritional information regarding every meal;
  • Many recipes to choose from;
  • A professional service is known all around the world with great customer support;
  • Easy-to-understand recipe cards.


  • Too much packaging;
  • Not enough space in the fridge;
  • Cooking may take up to an hour depending on the recipe.


The final cost for both of these services depends on many factors. The main ones are the selected meal plan, number of meals per week, quality of ingredients, and delivery options. And now let’s analyze which one of the services can provide a better price for their customers, Hello Fresh or Freshly?

Freshly provides plans based on the number of meals delivered per week. The customer gets the possibility to choose from the dishes presented for the current week.

  • 4 meals/week – $12.50 per serving ($49.99/week);
  • 6 meals/week – $9.99 per serving ($59.99/week);
  • 9 meals/week – $9.99 per serving ($89.99/week);
  • 12 meals/week – $8.99 per serving ($107.99/week).

The shipping comes at no additional cost and it is probably included in the final price.

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The situation with Hello Fresh is a little bit different, although the final price depends on the preselected meal plan as well. You will be given the possibility to choose your meal preference first. The price per serving will start at $7.49 and this one depends on the number of recipes per week and the number of people you’re ordering for.

HelloFresh does have better prices, so this company is the winner here. Although it has a separate bill for shipping, if you’re ordering for more people, you’ll have an advantage of the discounted price.

Types of Menu

Freshly caters to different dietary preferences. The number of recipes varies from one menu to another. Here you have the main categories of menus:  

  1. Under 500 calories: 20+
  2. Under 35 grams of carbs: 8–10
  3. Dairy–free: 8–10
  4. Paleo–friendly: About 4
  5. Vegetarian: Around 4

With Hello Fresh you can choose from 4 dietary plans, each with a specific menu. The main categories are:

  1. Meat & Veggies;
  2. Veggie;
  3. Family Friendly;
  4. Low calorie.

Freshly and HelloFresh do have similar menus and they are able to cater to almost any dietary preference. It’s less confusing when you’re ordering with Hello Fresh, but Freshly does a good job of keeping you up to date regarding the number of recipes for every menu.

Variety of dishes

Basically everything you like can be found both on the Freshly and Hello Fresh official websites. Their menus incorporate classic dishes, trendy options, and experimental cooking.

Some of Freshly’s best recipes include:

  • Sicilian-style chicken parm;
  • Steak Peppercorn;
  • Fried Chicken;
  • Sausage Baked Penne;
  • Turkey & Mushroom Meatloaf.

On the other hand, Hello Fresh best dishes are:

  • Apricot Ginger Chicken;
  • Tuscan Beef-Stuffed Peppers;
  • Juicy Lucy Burgers;
  • Pork & Poblano Tacos.
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In this tight competition of HelloFresh vs Freshly, most customers would be interested in the taste of the dishes first and foremost. We can say for sure that both services have absolutely fantastic dishes, but we feel like Hello Fresh is better at keeping up with the modern trends.

Quality of products of HelloFresh and Freshly

Both services are providing high-quality ingredients. 

HelloFresh provides detailed information on sourced meat and fish. The meat is not injected with hormones or antibiotics, while their seafood corresponds with rigorous sustainability standards.

Freshly doesn’t offer detailed information but the services say that their meals are all-natural.

HelloFresh does have a more detailed statement regarding its food ingredients.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

Both Hello Fresh and Freshly are providing detailed information regarding the recycling process of their packaging and boxes. This information can be found in the FAQ section of their websites.

According to the information that we were able to find, their boxes are 100% recyclable.

Ordering process

The ordering process is very similar. You simply have to create a subscription, choose your meal plan, delivery options and finalize with the payment and billing details. You’ll have to pay in advance for every week of delivery with Hello Fresh.


There are a number of methods you can use to get in touch with these services. They have special forms for any inquiries and phone numbers indicated on their websites. You can also forward them an email with your question.   


The main question would be which is better – Hello Fresh or Freshly? HelloFresh is a better-known company that has set very hard standards for its competition. Although Freshly is very similar in terms of its service quality, Hello Fresh is still one of the best services.