Freshly Meal Delivery Review

Last Updated on June 7, 2020

Freshly review

Healthy nutrition is the key to a long life, and the child knows about this. What needs to be done to live up to a hundred years?

Overall Rating – 9.0

Nutritionists claim that the secret to longevity lies in a healthy and nutritious diet. Now on the market, many companies provide various options for food sets with many different dishes. In this article, we will meet with this service and make a complete Freshly review.

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freshly reviews

The proper nutrition system is the real base, on its basis the generally healthy state of the body, excellent mood and external attractiveness are easily built, which no cosmetics can replace.

  • Individual servings for single-family homes or small families.
  • The customer gets to choose their own recipes.
  • You can cancel, pause, or change at any time with no hassle.
  • No cooking necessary. All of the meals are already prepared for you.
  • Never frozen – recipes arrive fresh, just heat them in a microwave
  • The only heating option is the microwave.
  • Cumbersome packaging and waste (although recyclable).
  • Not as much variety compared to other meal delivery operators.

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If you adhere to the basic rules of proper nutrition, then most diseases will pass you by, and pep and energy will never run out. But how to adhere to this type of nutrition constantly in the modern rhythm of life? Sometimes we don’t always have enough time to just eat, not to mention healthy nutrition. And as we said earlier, companies like HelloFresh or Freshly provide you with the opportunity to constantly eat right and save your time.

Let’s get to know Freshly a bit. This meal-delivery service provides its customers with a completely gluten-free meal plan. Also in the formation of its menu Freshly takes into account the seasonality of the ingredients, so all the ingredients that these company supplies are fresh and organic. This food delivery service can supply packages that include three meals a day. It is very comfortable. The dishes that you get are already cooked and all you need is to put in the refrigerator those dishes that you are not going to eat now. And the dish that you want to eat now you just need to warm up.

Freshly is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to spend your free time with good, not with cooking;
  • Want to eat right and follow a certain diet;
  • Want to avoid food containing gluten, and also want to avoid the effects of an allergy to nuts.

If we talk about the delivery area, then Freshly covers 48 states in the continental United States. Food is delivered only once a week.

In general, to get to know the company even better, we will conduct a more detailed review of Freshly. This is necessary to understand what Freshly really is. Let’s begin.

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1. Meal Options

The nutrition plan is one of the important components of the company that works in this service. Therefore, each company tries to find its peculiarity. It is famous for its fresh and ready-to-eat meals, which are very healthy and delicious.

Many customers used to wonder: does Freshly have gluten-free meals? And then they could see the answer on the official page of the company’s website. Going to the site you will see a wide variety of recipes that made the chef together with nutritionists.

You will be amazed at how many dishes this company does not contain gluten, but contains a lot of protein. Freshly offers its customers a menu program that contains a variety of diet options.

For example, you can find a high-protein, low-carb, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo and omnivore nutrition program. According to Freshly reviews, the company offers food plans where you can choose the number of meals delivered from four to twelve times a week.

Freshly offers a varied menu of over 30 dishes every week. It can be breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but not desserts and snacks.

2. Variety of dishes

The science of food at Freshly has approximately 85 banned foods. These are products such as hydrogenated oils, additives, refined sugar, flavorings, and other chemicals.

Freshly review

As we mentioned earlier, it has around 30 meals per each week. Due to such a wide variety of food options, on the official Freshly website there are icons on the dishes that indicate the specific type of dishes (for example, vegan), and there is also a “food selection” tool to sort all dishes by signs of nutrition.

Like any other company, Freshly has its signature dishes. And so, some of the best Freshly recipes are Mexican-style shredded beef, as well as Veggie baked penne.

Almost all dishes will give you a feeling of satiety for a long time, as well as help you burn fat faster and give you an energy boost thanks to which you won’t longer want to eat junk food.

3. Quality of products: review

Speaking about the quality of ingredients, we can say that Freshly does not have certified documents on 100% quality of products.

But it is worth noting based on the experience of customers and reviews of Freshly that the delivered dishes are prepared from organic food. The company itself promises its customers that they will receive prepared foods without GMOs.

And all because they have long established itself as one of the environmentally friendly food delivery services.

4. Packaging and environmental impact

Freshly, like other companies, cares not only about its customers, but also about the environment. Therefore, when making a Freshly delivery review, it should be noted that the company uses Modified Atmospheric Packaging, which implies a minimum amount of oxygen in the package.

Modified Atmospheric Packaging is a highly natural and environmentally friendly technology for preserving the product and increasing its shelf life, and is deservedly used by many food industry enterprises around the world.

Due to this, the products are not oxidized and bacterial growth is prevented. Like the other best delivery service for meal delivery, Freshly delivers a box of food, as well as putting packages of ice or gel.

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This is necessary so that the products remain chilled as long as possible. The material from which all Freshly packaging is made and individual packages are biodegradable. Caring for the environment is a priority for all food delivery services.

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5. Ordering process

This meal service works only by subscription. To subscribe you need to go to the official website of the company and register.

Next, you should edit your profile and select the type of menu that suits you personally. In the future, the system itself will prompt you with possible dishes or new dishes. Based on Freshly meal reviews, we can say that this system with the selection of dishes is very well developed. Moreover, you can exclude any ingredient from the recipe, if you do not eat it.

6. Pricing Policy

Freshly’s pricing policy is pretty reasonable. If we take into account the fact that the dishes are delivered ready-made, we can say that it is still cheap. And all because you didn’t spend time on cooking. You can choose different amounts of food.

This amount of food varies from 4 to 12 servings per week. If we recall the family plan review, then we can realize that this company does not provide this meal plan. To order a meal for the whole family, you have to add them to yourself separately. That is, you can order several dishes of a certain meal if you have planned a dinner with your loved one.

Can you ask Freshly is it worth it? And we will answer “yes”.

That’s because he offers such a large number of amazing ready-made dishes, for a relatively inexpensive amount. So for example, the more times you order food, the cheaper it will turn out in the end.

If you order 4 times a week, your one meal will cost $ 13, and if you order 12 meals a week, one meal will cost you $ 9. This is pretty convenient.

7. Customer Support

Freshly treats its customers with care, therefore they will always come to the rescue with help if any problem occurs. On the official website of Freshly, there is a section with frequently asked questions, where you can quickly find the problem.

If this does not help, then you can always contact support, all contacts are also listed on the site. There is also a chat room where you can directly tell the operator about the problem, for example, write to him: “I tried Freshly and something went wrong …”. they handles every problem quickly, you will always be heard.


After conducting a review on a service such as Freshly, we want to say that it has no analogs in the market.

It is the only company that provides its customer’s completely gluten-free food. If we talk about the variety of dishes, then Freshly boasts an unprecedented variety of dishes for a week. The pricing policy of the company is quite competitive and everyone can afford it. When preparing a review for this company, we did not meet Freshly bad reviews, which also tells us that the company provides good service for good money.