EveryPlate Review

Last Updated on September 5, 2020

In present times, choosing a meal delivery service may prove to be the best solution. You won’t have to worry about grocery shopping, and you’ll be able to use this time more productively. You will also minimize the time spent in the kitchen for cooking. Due to a large variety of services, it is necessary to select the best one based on a number of factors. These are price, quality of ingredients, delivery options, and additional features. In this EveryPlate delivery review, you are going to find questions to the most frequently asked questions. We are going to take a deeper look into all the aspects of this service.

We are also going to touch upon EveryPlate family plan review and see for ourselves if families would benefit from this service.

EveryPlate Review

Short Overview/Delivery Area

EveryPlate has tight connections with Hello Fresh, which is another giant company on the market of home-cooked meals. EveryPlate has set a very high standard in terms of price flexibility and affordability. The pre-measured ingredients come in a convenient insulated box with recipe cards offering detailed cooking instructions. Its delivery service is currently covering the majority of US continental area. To see if your area is covered, you’ll have to introduce your ZIP code during checkout.

Every Plate Pricing

It would be difficult to find more affordable service for your daily delivery of food ingredients. EveryPlate offers a plan for two and a plan for four. You can also select the number of meals per week. The price for a serving starts at $4.99 and there is an additional $8.99 for shipping fees (will have to be covered only once per week). Additional discount code may bring the price even lower. Adding premium meals would increase the price per serving at $4.99. The premium meal option offers even more fresh ingredients and protein for your family.

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Types of EveryPlate Menu

The menu includes mostly standard dishes with no options for special diets. The service is trying to keep its costs as low as possible and if you’re wondering whether EveryPlate has gluten-free meals, then the answer is no. You can still find vegetarian options on their weekly meal selection list.

Other EveryPlate reviews are criticizing the service for lack of variety but in case you don’t mind the traditional meal choices, the menu should work just fine for you.

Variety of Dishes Per Week

Scroll through 13 delicious recipes every week and choose the ones you like the most. The selected organic ingredients represent a perfect balance between carbs and proteins. If you’re willing to lead a healthy lifestyle, then there’s nothing better than organic food. While the rotating weekly menu guarantees a decent variety of dishes, we have selected the best EveryPlate recipes for you to try. Here’s our list:

  • Hotel Butter Steak (Highly nutritious and packed with protein);
  • Sweet Chili Salmon (Looks good and tastes good);
  • BBQ Pork Meatloaves;
  • French Onion Chicken;
  • Crispy Blue Cheese Chicken.

I’ve tried EveryPlate premium meals and these were absolutely delicious. Our EveryPlate meals reviews are based exclusively on our own experience.

Quality of meal delivery service’s products

It’s impossible to write an EveryPlate review without mentioning the quality of used ingredients. Even though the service doesn’t have a standard list of farmers to source fruit and vegetables from, they are working hard to ensure a high quality of ingredients from new weekly suppliers.

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When you receive them in a box, you will also find recipe cards containing the information of how you need to sort the ingredients for every meal. We have not encountered any EveryPlate bad reviews that would suggest that the quality of the products wasn’t high enough.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

Speaking of boxes, these are providing efficient cooling for the ingredients inside. The insulated material will keep them cold until they arrive to your doorstep.

In terms of environmental impact, the box separators are 100% recyclable while for the gel ice packs and box liners you have to follow special instructions for recycling. Most reviews of EveryPlate from real customers suggest that the packaging is good enough and keeps the products fresh.

Ordering process

So, EveryPlate is it worth it? If you want to start ordering prepared foods with EveryPlate, you need to create a subscription. Managing your subscription is not difficult and you are offered the possibility to skip weeks or cancel your subscription altogether (this has to be done 5 days before your next scheduled delivery). You will also be able to add premium meals to your plan. Home cooking has never been easier with the recipe cards and detailed instructions. This entire package comes at $4.99 per meal. Make sure to edit properly the delivery details to receive the boxes right to your doorstep.

Review of Support

EveryPlate has a FAQ category that helps customers understand better the peculiarities of the service, the ordering process and the subscription options. If you have any questions that are not indicated in this section, you can contact the Customer Care Service at +1 (973) 210-4915. A representative will guide you through the process. Also, there is a live chat option that works 24/7.

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In this review of EveryPlate, we have covered the most important points a potential customer has to pay attention to. If you are new to the concept of meal delivery services, then EveryPlate is an easy way to introduce you to it. The extremely competitive prices are not influencing in any way the quality of products. In terms of menu variety, you will not be able to order gluten-free meals and will have to settle for more traditional options. If you don’t have any specific dietary preferences then this is a perfect choice for you. By ordering for a family of four, you may be able to save a lot of time and money.