Dinnerly Review

Last Updated on April 24, 2020

Every meal delivery service has several unique features that make it more interesting. However, the majority of them have similar advantages. A lot of people are willing to receive restaurant-quality food and enjoy it in the comfort of their rooms. It is not necessary to dress up and the amount of cooking is insignificant in most cases. In this Dinnerly delivery review, we will analyze the pros and cons of this service while giving our honest opinion regarding the things we would like to see improved.

Dinnerly Review

In case you’re looking to try a meal delivery service, you certainly need to get acquainted with this Dinnerly review and decide for yourself

Short Overview/Delivery Area of Dinnerly

  • Number of meals per week: new 16 delicious recipes available every week
  • Special Diets: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Kid-Friendly, Low-Calorie
  • Shipping charges: $8.99
  • Headquarters: New York

Dinnerly guarantees a very high level of service quality while maintaining a low price for their meals. Its parent company is Marley Spoon. They source the ingredients from the same producers. Although there is less diversity in terms of food selection, it does take out all the extra costs to provide its customers with some of the lowest prices on the market. The delivery also has limited coverage.


Compared to services like Hello Fresh, Dinnerly provides some of the most affordable meal plans on the market. Even though the cost of food is lower than average, this does not mean that the quality has to suffer. On the contrary, the service strives to improve its features while maintaining an affordable price policy.

Dinnerly is offering two plans: two-person box, family box. For choosing more meals in your box kit, you get a certain discount. This means that ordering for a bigger family would be more convenient.

Two-person box

  • 3 meals per week – $4.99 per serving;
  • 4 meals per week – $4.89 per serving;
  • 5 meals per week – $4.79 per serving.

Family box

  • 3 meals – $4.99 per serving;
  • 4 meals – $4.69 per serving;
  • 5 meals – $4.49 per serving.

In our Dinnerly family plan review, we’d like to point out that the dishes do fit the necessities of modern families and trends of healthy and balanced nutrition.

Types of Menu

No service would be able to survive without providing without being able to cater to different dietary preferences. Dinnerly made sure to avoid that mistake by introducing all kinds of menus for its clients. Also, for those wondering “does Dinnerly have gluten-free meals?” the answer is “Yes.”

Dinnerly weekly menu reviews

Even though some of the categories are more limited than the others, the customers can pick from the following menus:

  1. Vegetarian;
  2. Gluten-free;
  3. Under 30 minutes (easy to cook dishes);
  4. Dairy-free;
  5. Kid-friendly.

Dinnerly Review: Variety of dishes

Now’s finally the time for Dinnerly meal reviews. It is providing vegetarian dishes, gluten-free options, and low-calorie dishes. Although it is hard to expect a lot from a service that tried to reduce its production costs, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of options and the recipes. Most of the dishes are not difficult, which benefits the time needed for cooking. Similar to other companies’ reviews, they have a weekly rotating menu too.

Dinnerly reviews

Some of the best Dinnerly weekly menu include:

  • BBQ Chicken & Green Beans;
  • Beef & Asian Noodle Stir-Fry;
  • Roasted Pork Tenderloin & Mashed Potatoes;
  • Creamy One-Pot Ravioli Primavera (vegetarian);
  • Crispy Shrimp Tacos.

I tried Dinnerly stuffed cheeseburgers and those were incredibly tasty. 

In other Dinnerly reviews, you may find that some of the meals don’t exactly correspond to the images presented on the website. Firstly, this will depend on your ability to reproduce what you see in the image and secondly, the taste would be a more important criterion.

Quality of products review

Dinnerly doesn’t specify the sources of their ingredients, but it lets their clients know that these come from trusted sources. We did not find any Dinnerly bad reviews regarding the quality of ingredients from real users.

Dinnerly review

The vegetables, meat, and fish all arrive fresh to your doorstep. In addition to the delivered products, you’ll need essential things like salt and oil.

Boxes/Environmental Impact

The quality of boxes is important if a company wants to deliver fresh ingredients on a daily basis. The boxes are insulated and the ice packs are keeping the products fresh for a long time.

Dinnerly offers detailed information on recycling. Every component of their boxes can be recycled, starting with the paper box itself and ending with the plastic components like ice packages and foil pouch.

Ordering process

This one is very similar to what you see on other websites for food delivery. You have to create a unique subscription to proceed further with the dish choice and payment options. Also, you will have to pick your delivery options.

The service provides a flexible subscription. This means that you can customize certain things at any time, like the dates of delivery. You can even plan the delivery several months ahead and choose specific dates for that.

The cancellation of your subscription doesn’t require any difficult manipulations. We like the fact that you can change almost everything with little effort.

In our Dinnerly review, we are trying to provide all the information that’s crucial for ordering.


Support can be contacted via a message on their website. You can also write them an email. We did it review and support has answered our email. Telephone number: 888-267-2850


This review of Dinnerly came to an end and it is time to draw some conclusions. This service is perfect for families. If you simply don’t have time for cooking and you’d rather do something else then this company is definitely worth trying. The ingredients are healthy and organic while the recipes don’t present much difficulty. Everything is packed neatly and you just have to follow the simple instructions provided with the boxes. Dinnerly would serve as a great introduction in the world of delivered meal kits with affordable prices and flexible conditions. Dinnerly, is it worth it? We think that it is.