Best Meal Subscription Boxes 2021

Last Updated on January 4, 2021

Best meal delivery subscription services represent a healthy and very convenient option for those who prefer restaurant-quality food. These have a lot of benefits as well. They save you a lot of time since you don’t need to plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner, go shopping, or spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  You are getting all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep and all you have to do is simply follow the instructions from the recipe cards.

We have decided to compile a list of ready to eat food delivery boxes that have achieved a high level of trust and quality. If you’re searching for a service that’ll fit your necessities and provide nutritious food for the whole family then we will be glad to assist.  Every company has something unique about it, and we’re going to explore these features. Healthy meals are just a click away! Our best meal subscription box reviews will guide you through this labyrinth of choices.

Our list includes food subscription services that have a proven reputation with their customers and are able to deliver on their promises:

  • HelloFresh – Best Meal Kit Delivery
  • Gobble – Mouthwatering Recipes
  • Dinnerly – Cost-Effective and Original
  • Home Chef – Incredible Meal Variety
  • Blue Apron – Affordable and Healthy
  • Sun Basket – Healthy Meal Subscription Box
  • EveryPlate – Convenient and Timesaving
  • Green Chef – Powered by Plants
  • Freshly – Prompt and Delicious
  • Fresh Meal Plan – Highly Customizable
  • Purple Carrot – Healthy

HelloFresh – Best Overall

Best Meal Subscription Boxes 2020
  • Short Overview:  Hello Fresh is one of the top meal delivery services that have quality as their top priority. They make sure that their ingredients are top-notch and will always be delivered fresh.
  • What is the price range? The price here depends largely on the selected meal plan, but typically it will start at $7.49, including the standard shipping charges
  • Special diets: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free, Low-calorie
  • What can you expect? The food subscription box is known for its classic family recipes with an addition of more interesting combinations. The cards with recipes are easy to follow and you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This one is perfect for families where dinner tables are appreciated and healthy food is welcomed.
  • Some of the best recipes: Crispy Chickpea Tabbouleh Bowls, Crispy Cheddar Chicken, Sausage and Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta, Sesame Beef Tacos

Gobble – Mouthwatering Recipes

  • Short Overview: This is a family-oriented subscription food service. The simple recipes do not require more than 15 minutes for cooking, and the nutritious value of the meals is perfectly suitable for family needs.
  • What is the price range? The price is $11.99 per serving and shipping is free during your first week. After that a standard $6.99 will apply.
  • Special diets: Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Low-calorie
  • What can you expect? Are you short on time when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking? That’s not a problem because Gobble food subscription has a perfect solution for you. A super delicious meal can be prepared in only 15 minutes. The process is fun and easy to follow thanks to the recipe cards with detailed instructions. Just by seeing the pictures of their meals, you’ll want to try them all!
  • Best recipes: Shrimp & Broccoli Siciliana with Sweet Barley, Corn & Black Beans Enchiladas Suizas with Cabbage Slaw, Grilled Vegetable Torta with Cilantro-Cabbage Slaw

Dinnerly – Cost-Effective and Original

  • Short Overview: This is one of the best food subscription boxes. It guarantees a high level of service quality while maintaining a low price for every serving. The parent company is Marley Spoon. They get their high-quality ingredients from the same sources.
  • What is the price range? Price starts at $4.49 per serving depending on the meal plan with an additional $8.99 for shipping. 
  • Special diets: Vegetarian, Kid-Friendly, Low-Calorie
  • What can you expect? When you don’t need any fancy recipes and your main goal is to get a quick, healthy and nutritious meal, Dinnerly is exactly what you need. It is perfect for the whole family and budget-friendly as well.  
  • Best recipes of there subscription boxes: Crispy Buffalo Tortelloni, Spaghetti & Meatball Pie, Take-Out Style Steak Fried Rice, Loaded Deep Dish Sausage Pizza
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Home Chef – Incredible Meal Variety in Boxes

  • Short Overview: This is a meal delivery service that covers more than 97% of the US territory. Home Chef is working hard to ensure the best quality of ingredients for their menus. Their motto is simple recipes and enjoyable cooking.
  • What is the price range? The price for shipping is included in all the orders over $40 while the average cost of meals is $9.96. The starting cost per meal is $6.99.
  • Special diets: Vegetarian, Nut-free, Chicken, Soy-free, Seafood, Carb and Calorie Conscious
  • What can you expect? You can expect from this food subscription box generous servings and familiar recipes that were slightly modified for a fresh experience. In addition to standard dinner options, you can select protein packs and smoothies. HomeChef provides all the necessary information regarding meal nutrition value and tips for cooking.
  • Best recipes of there meal subscription boxes: Hot Honey Salmon, Farmhouse Fried Chicken, Sesame Sweet Potatoes and Avocado, Prosciutto-Goat Cheese Pizza

Blue Apron – Affordable and Healthy

  • Blue Apron is among the best cooking subscription boxes with many years on the market. If you’re looking for the exceptional quality of ingredients then this is the right place for you. Also, you can benefit from an additional selection of wines.
  • What is the cost? You won’t have to pay for delivery unless your order is for the minimum amount. Delivery would cost you $7.99 in this case. Meals start at $8.99.
  • Special diets: Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Diabetes-Friendly, Carb Conscious and other
  • What can you expect? Just like all the other meal subscription services in our list, Blue Apron tries to keep things interesting by incorporating unexpected ingredients into their meals. Sustainable ingredients make up the majority of the products that they’re using for the meal kit boxes. 
  • Best recipes of there meal subscription boxes: Spiced Steak & Honey Butter, Pappardelle in Tomato Sauce, Crispy Chicken Katsu & Soy Mayo

Sun Basket – Healthy Meal Subscription Box

  • Short Overview: Sun basket has created a reputation of the best source of organic ingredients for exclusive meal kits. The selection of meals is exceptional and you can actually read about the sourcing of the produce.
  • What is the cost? The delivery service will cost you $6.99. The price per week starts at $10.99
  • Diets: Paleo, Lean and Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, and Diabetes-Friendly.
  • What can you expect? Sun Basket has a passion for sustainable and organic produce. Their philosophy is clearly stating that they tend to be green in everything they do. In addition to mouthwatering dinners, you can choose breakfasts, lunches, protein-packed meals, and snacks.
  • Best recipes: Seared steaks with roasted red pepper ajvar and cauliflower, Creamy mushroom penne with baby spinach and almonds, Boneless skinless chicken breast strips

EveryPlate – Convenient and Timesaving

  • Short Overview: EveryPlate is a budget-friendly meal delivery service that makes cooking much easier. With this real simple food delivery service, you save time and money. This, however, doesn’t mean that the quality of meals is taking a hit.
  • What is the price range? This is one of the best services in terms of pricing, a great way to introduce yourself to the world of delivered meals kits with $4.99 per week.
  • Special diets: The service doesn’t deliver meal boxes that cater to any specific dietary preferences with only a narrow weekly food delivery selection of vegetarian options.
  • What can you expect? You won’t experience anything unique with this service but this may be a good thing. If you’re a fan of traditional meals, then EveryPlate is a good way to start your journey in the world of food subscription boxes.
  • Best recipes: Gooey Stuffed Pork Burgers, Southern-Style Grilled Cheese, Scampi-Style Shrimp Linguine, Chili Honey Butter Chicken
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Green Chef – Powered by Plants

  • Short Overview: Green Chef is a certified organic service. They have very strict quality control and, at the same time, a large selection of positions. They put an accent on plant-based meals.
  • What is the price range per week? The standard cost per serving ranges between $11.49 and $12.99. Currently, the service offers discounts. Payment for meals is per week.
  • Special diets: Plant-Powered, Vegan, Keto, Paleo
  • What can you expect? You can easily navigate through a large variety of options. The service has made sure that even an amateur cook will be able to handle more complex food. Well-known recipes are combined with fresh ideas that look incredible. All of this is made from sustainable and organic produce. Also, enjoy the lunch subscription box selection
  • Best recipes: Rosemary-Roasted Chicken, Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl, Creamy Mushrooms & Potatoes

 Freshly – Prompt and Delicious

  • Short Overview: Freshly has a wide variety of plans that are perfectly suitable for big families. Home cooking has never been easier with fresh meals being delivered to your doorstep. Choose the best dinner box delivery for your family!
  • What is the price range? Prices per week vary depending on the selected plan. These start at $7.99 for 12 portions.
  • Diets: Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian
  • What can you expect? Freshly delivers family meal boxes straight to your door. The only thing you need to do is heat ‘em up. In 3 minutes you have a meal that’s both healthy and nutritious.
  • Best recipes: Three-Bean Ancho Turkey Chili, Tomato-Glazed Turkey Meatloaf, Tangy Sesame-Citrus Chicken

Fresh Meal Plan – Highly Customizable Meal Subscription Boxes

Fresh Meal Plan is another meal delivery subscription service that offers fully-prepared dishes. It sources its ingredients from farms with the intent of providing only healthy ingredients.

  • What is the price range per meal? The price per serving starts at $10.00
  • Available diets: Paleo, Keto, Vegan
  • What can you expect? There are 2 meal plans: The first one is made up of meal subscription boxes and the “A La Carte” is made up of individual orders. You have the option of adding extra protein to the existing meals.
  • Popular Choice: Yardbird Sandwich, Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce, Turkey Chili

Purple Carrot – Cheap Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Service

Purple Carrot is another meal kit delivery service with affordable prices, vegan recipes, and ingredients straight to your door. All you have to do is to choose your plant-based meal plan and every week you will receive pre-determined ingredients in a cool set of dishes to help you create impressive vegan dishes. This is one of the few vegan food subscriptions.

Price range:

  • The cost of a two-time serving is $11.99. Taking into account three dinners arriving weekly, this added $71.94 per week.
  • The cost of four portions a day is $9.99. For two dinners per week, this is about $73 per week (slightly more expensive).
  • The additional cost for breakfast is $5.99 per serving, and for lunch, it is $11.99 per serving.
  • Delivery is included free of charge, which is a good plus.
  • I must confess that I shared with a bunch of friends this very moment – the delivery of Purple Carrots is free.

Pros and Cons
The pros of this meal subscription box

  • Healthy options – Their choice of ready to eat food is attractive and filled at the same time.
  • Vegetarian – Purple Carrot adds vegetables to each dish and concentrates the sources of vegetarian protein; useful for both you and the planet.
  • Simplicity – There are step-by-step recipes that make cooking easier.


  • Price – The cost is a little higher than in most food plans, but the portions are quite large……
  • Little Price Transparency – It’s hard to find a breakdown of how much is added up, including additional costs, on the website – until you get to the final invoice.
  • Limited customization for special needs – You can choose dishes at a two-time rate, and the usual allergens, such as soybeans and wheat, are clearly marked in the seasonings, but there are not many options to customize for food allergies.