9 Meal Delivery Services In New York

Last Updated on January 12, 2020

9 meal delivery services that will change the way you perceive food.

The hectic way of life adopted by modern society doesn’t leave room for any cooking experiments. Eating on the go is the new way of live but good news is that we have alternatives. Packing GO foods does not look like the easiest way out anymore. With so many specialized services around, we don’t need to get concerned with planning our meals ahead of time. What would be your first choice? We have prepared a list of 9 best meal delivery services in NYC to help you find out right now.

Where can you order the healthiest and most delicious food in NYC?

1. Hello Fresh

No food is tastier and healthier than the one that you can cook for yourself and your family. This service makes sure to deliver in New York only the best ingredients together with the most delicious and simple chef-created recipes. You can easily select your food plan every week and adjust it without any additional fees. In 3 easy steps, you will get your fresh dishes.

These steps are:

  • Picking your specific nutritional plan;
  • Home delivery;
  • Cooking.

You can select from a balanced menu with veggies and meat, vegetarian menu, low-calorie menu, and family-friendly menu. Some of the recipes included in the package are roasted pork tenderloin, chicken cheddar fajitas, and veggie chiles Rellenos.

The indicated minimal price for their services is $7.49 with the delivery being available for countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service will not make you wait.

One of the main benefits provided by Hello Fresh is the flexible plan that allows you to cancel or skip the delivery of products without any additional requirements.

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2. Home Chef

This service delivers fresh ingredients in NYC to your table every day. The customer is free to choose his plan and change it or upgrade it whenever he feels like it. The boxes of fresh ingredients are complemented by recipes created by experienced chefs.

With Home Chef, you will get menu options on every Monday. You can either choose from 18 suggestions or simply rely on the service to select the menu for you. The best-prepared meal delivery service NYC will not disappoint you with its selection of dishes.

If you want to start using this service then you’d have to:

  • Go through the quick registration process;
  • Select your favorite recipes;
  • Receive the boxes with fresh ingredients.

Meals start here at $7.99 per serving. You can choose from a wide variety of ingredients and pick only the most interesting recipes. The menu includes classic dishes like steak and pasta as well as salads and oven-ready servings.

3. Sun Basket

Having fresh and organic food ingredients on your table is not a problem today. Sun Basket is one of the biggest delivery services operating in the US and Ney York. Their meal plans are diverse and delicious. Right now you can get meals starting at $6.16 per one serving.

Each week their customers receive a box with a pre-measured quantity of ingredients for specific meals. You can select either the family menu or the classic menu. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any diversity. Customizing the menu is really simple and it doesn’t take much time. The meal plan can also be changed at any time. For a diet meal delivery in NYC simply feel out the form.

For cooking, you will usually need just your basic utensils like pots, knives, and pans.

4. Blue Apron

No time to go and pick the products at the local grocery store? You can create your own meal plan in just a couple of minutes with the best meal delivery service in NYC. Who said that a healthy diet doesn’t have to be delicious? Blue Apron brings the best organic ingredients to your table.

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Choose from a signature, freestyle or vegetarian menu and explore the large array of different flavors. Prices per serving in NYC start at $8.99 for signature for 4 menus. You are free to customize your menu and exclude the ingredients that do not match your tastes.

Cooking has never been easier with step-by-step instructions. In addition, the service provides an excellent selection of wines. Prices start at $10 per bottle.

5. Plated

Are you tired of the same old recipes? Diversify your menu by selecting from top chef-created recipes. You are free to select from over 20 recipes and customize the number of servings with ease. Mix up the recipes and see what happens! You can also enjoy low-calorie and gluten-free meals.

Cooking will turn into a fun experience from now on. You will receive a box with all the ingredients that you need in addition to the recipe of your dreams. Depending on the number of servings, the prices in NYC can start at $8.95 per one serving.

The service also provides you with the possibility of canceling your subscription or skipping an indefinite number of weeks at any time.

Delivery covers 95% of the U.S. territory. You can easily order healthy food delivery in NYC and maintain an affordable plan for many weeks.

6. Gobble

This meal-delivery service is all about diversity of menus, bringing to your table new delicious recipes each week. The cooking process is made incredibly simple and fast thanks to Gobble’s chefs doing all the prep work.

The price per serving starts at $11.99 while the boxes with ingredients can be delivered to all of the continental U.S. with the exception of Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota. You can rest assured because the best meal delivery in NYC will make everything to meet your requirements.

The menu includes many cuisines to match all preferences. You can find here vegetarian, pescatarian, low-carb meal plans and more. Meals can also be prepared dairy-free, nut-free or gluten-free by withholding certain ingredients that are packed separately.

7. Freshly

This is a delivery service of freshly prepared meals, hence the name. All you have to do is simply heat ‘em up in your microwave oven and they’re ready to go. There is a large variety of meals on the menu and you can just pick up your favorite one at any time during the day.

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Every meal packs enough protein for your daily needs while taking into account your preferences. The gluten-free dishes cooked from all-natural ingredients will make your day much brighter. The menu also includes dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and vegetarian meals. Freshly meal plans start at $8.99 per serving. These prepared meals can be delivered to NYC and many other cities in the U.S.

8. Veestro

This is one of the best delivery services in NYC that provide meals based on plants. These are fully-cooked servings made of organic ingredients. You just need to heat your food in the microwave oven and then you can savor its flavor.

If you are following a weight loss program, then this service has something special to offer – high-protein meals with a high nutritious value and low on carbs. Gluten-free meals are also on the menu. Among food delivery services in NYC this one is known for the quality of its ingredients.

Delivery is dependent on your location and can take up to 4 days. However, the insulated boxes are keeping your meals at below-freezing temperatures. One-time orders will charge you $9.99 for shipping and it will be free in case of auto-delivery.

9. Martha and Marley Spoon

Discover a new and fun way of cooking with the best seasonal ingredients. All you have to do is choose your perfect meal plan and receive the boxes with refrigerated products. Easy-to-follow instructions together with picture cards will help you become a world-class chef in an instant. You can easily skip any week and choose your dishes.

The service provides 20 recipes every week. You can select from the following categories:

  • Health and Diet;
  • Vegetarian & Vegan;
  • Meat and Fish;
  • Under 30 Minutes;
  • Family-Friendly.

Prices per serving start at $7.49. You can skip your delivery or change your meals but this has to be done in advance. If you’re searching for vegan meal delivery services in NYC then this is definitely the best choice for you.