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Published on March 25th 2016

Video Games Live Concert- London

Well it’s been a while since my last post, I dunno, I guess I just lost my blogging mojo. I’ve been to one or two events where I thought “eh I could blog about this” but when it came to dragging myself over to my PC, I just couldn’t conjure the desire.

A lot of work goes into each blog post, and I strongly believe you need to ‘want’ to do it to make it work..

‘Is she back?’ I hear you ask (said nobody ever.) Well folks, I’m proud to report over the weekend I was lucky enough to go somewhere that reminded me of why I stated this blog in the first place! The Video Games Live concert!

Wowee, going to the gig brought me such joy that I WANT to blog and get everything down! Here goes..

Pre-gig gaming with Draughts Board Game Cafe

So doors opened around 2pm and we had a good hour to kill before the gig started.

Luckily the lovely guys from Draughts had set up shop at the back of the concert hall and we got to have a quick go (saying that we played for a good 1/2 hour) at a board game I’ve not played before – 7 Wonders: Duel a super fun game where you acquire resource cards and aim to advance scientifically or culturally enough to build the wonders of the world over 3 rounds.

I lost by about 2 points…Go me!  Will be asking for that for my next birthday!

Draughts board game cafe stall video games live london performance- picture-by-Cindy-Lau-Ageekoutide

If you like board games, you can head to Draughts in Haggerston and play one of their 500 board games. I’m planning a trip there soon so maybe watch this space!

Starting the gig off with a bang

After a brief wander and few packets of crisps, we took our seats and the lights dimmed. A brief  ‘loading’ screen on the projector came up and I wondered what their first performance would be. And it was none other than the VERY EPIC Castlevania theme! I was not dissappointed!

castlevania video games live london performance- picture-by-Cindy-Lau-Ageekoutide

Aside from watching gameplay on the screen (my favourite thing about any video game gigs), the thing that did it for me was the guitarist who shredded those high notes throughout the theme! He put so much energy into his performance it made me jealous that he was loving his job.


I later found out that he was no ordinary guitarist, but the creator of Video Games Live, video games music composer – Tommy Tallarico. He spends his days touring and playing video game music to thousands of gamers. Best. Job. Ever much? 

Video Games Live London Set List

One of Tommy’s jobs as producer is deciding what goes in the set list for each gig. He’s got quite a genius way of doing this- before each gig, he’ll ask Facebook what people in each city wants to hear and then goes away and gets it orchestrated.

That’s right, this means each Video Games Live concert will be a different experience- a huge draw to go again and again! Here’s what they played for us:

Assassins Creed – World Premiere! Watch video here
Grim Fandango
Donkey Kong Country Watch video here
Kingdom Hearts Watch video here
Phoenix Wright
Metal Gear Solid
Command & Conquer Red Alert
Tetris – Opera version! Watch video here
World of Warcraft
Crono Cross/Trigger
Final Fantasy

Personal favs- highlights from the gig

  • Appearances from Laura “Flute Link” Intravia who is an amazing vocalist
  • The orchestra was conducted by Eímear Noone - who is super talented and also composed songs from WoW
  • The encore we ‘unlocked’ was One Winged Angel and a Still Alive sing a long (complete with lyrics on screen)!
  • In between the songs, they played various top 10 videos and video game mashups like Donkey Kong vs Mortal Combat to keep us entertained:

  • Although my personal favorite was Top 10 worst voice acting:

Top reasons for you to get yourself to the next Video Games Live concert:

  1. Nostalgia-they say music can take you back in time and who wouldn’t want to think back to the times they beat down Sephiroth, or when their housemates had Still Alive on loop for 3 days ;)
  2. The gamer in-jokes and dad gags
  3. You might find a new game to play- After seeing it pop up in the odd round up article here and there, after hearing the theme music played live, Grim Fandango is now on my to play list!
  4. The obvious love of video games in the room shared by the conductor Eímear Noone, Tommy Tallarico and the audience

Tour dates can be found here: and make sure you follow them on Facebook so you can have a say in what they play!

All in all, a fantastic experience that’s reignited my desire to blog again!

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