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Published on May 24th 2013

The Legend of Zelda Symphony of The Goddesses-London

the legend of zelda symphony of the goddesses

I managed to grab some tickets* to an fabulous concert dedicated the Nintendo Zelda game franchise: Zelda: Symphony of the Godesses. What a wonderful night it was!

For those who haven’t been to a Zelda concert, you really need to go at least once in your life. not only is the music fantastic, but going to the event is an experience in itself, and here’s mine!

I attended the 25th Year Anniversary concert last year so was curious to see what this concert tour has to offer and boy I wasn’t disappointed.

I got off to a rough start-one of my friends manage to get her own tickets so I ended up with a spare one. Which I stood outside the Hammersmith Apollo concert hall trying to flog for 45mins with no luck. Highly embarrassing but it wasn’t all bad, I ended up making a couple of friends who were in similar situations by exchanging tips for selling the ticket off.

Me trying to sell a spare ticket

Me trying to sell a spare ticket

Once it started raining, it was time to call it quits and get inside for some photo taking. As the concert is a show case of some of the music from a well-loved game franchise, there were lots of people dressed up:


A lot of Links!

Amazing true form Midna cosplay

Amazing true form Midna cosplay

I also saw a couple dressed up as Zelda and Groose from Skyward Sword which made my heart all warm and fuzzy! Sadly my Nexus battery had died by this point, other wise I would have asked for a photo!

With everybody sat down in the hall, conductor-Eimar Noone who had a lovely Irish accent explained the lore of the 3 goddesses (which inspired the title of the concert) and opened with the Ocarina of Time movement-an all time favourite of mine.

There’s a nice summary in the Metro about the arrangements played:

“The symphony was made up of four movements taken from Ocarina Of Time, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and A Link To The Past. Supplementing these was an overture of various themes, a dungeon medley (mainly focusing on the 2D games), pieces for Kakariko Village and Great Fairy Fountain and rounded off with three encores (Link’s Awakening’s Ballad Of The Windfish, Gerudo Valley and Majora’s Mask). The pieces for The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Gerudo Valley are the same as the 25th Anniversary CD, but everything else was new to me.”

This is a better summary than I could ever write and although, I know that the music is a huge part of the event, it was the accompanying bits that really made it magical for me.

Announcing The Windwaker Movement

After the Ocarina of Time movement had us all warmed up and ready for the next movement, conductor Eima gave us some clues as to what the orchestra would be playing next. She pulled out a long wooden box and presented none other than the Windwaker baton and announced “Let’s see if we can wake the winds”. Goosebumps! I loved the Windwaker game mechanic of controlling the wind and the baton is such a strong representation of the game.

Conductor holding a Wind Waker replica

The Wind Waker

So Much Passion In The Air You Can Cut It With A Sword

Zelda fans are so great-there was so much enthusiasm at the concert. When Producer Jeron Moore thanked the fans for showing devotion and support, highlighting how one particular cosplayer went to great lengths to create a Midna costume, without hesitation someone from the audience immediately shouted out “THAT’S ME!”. You wouldn’t get that at your average orchestral performance!

Jeron shares his early Zelda memories with the audience

Jeron shares his early Zelda memories with the audience, and that’s a Zelda cartridge in his hand!

Zelda Footage Was A Visual Feast

The best part in my humble opinion are the visuals projected on screen, especially the game footage shown during the Kakariko Village piece (Cuccos anyone?) and Outset Island. It was so nostalgic-they knew exactly which scenes to show to really prod slumbering memories and you remember why you love this franchise again.

Link having a snooze on Outset Island

Link having a snooze on Outset Island

The Not So Good Bits

No programme! I love having a record of my evening to treasure. I still have the programme for the 25th Anniversary last year and makes me smile when I come across it while browsing the bookshelf.

Food at the bar! Was super expensive. I think I ended up paying around a £5 for 2 bags of Kettle Chips and a Twirl..

Overall it was an amazing experience. They played a bunch of songs I didn’t expect to hear and the surrounding experience makes Symphony of the Goddesses a memory to treasure.


*Heavily discounted on Groupon woop! Tickets were officially £60 but I got mine for £33 including handling fees.

What are your favourite Zelda songs? What would you like to hear a symphony perform?

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