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Published on September 28th 2015

Star Wars Secret Cinema- The Empire Strikes Back

After a few hours of build up- as in full on immersion into the Star Wars galaxy, we were ready to watch the film we’ve all seen before.

But Secret Cinema being the who they are, would never just screen the movie. Oh no.

We thought we’d be left to watch the movie, but the dedicated actors actually re-enacted some of the best scenes from the movie like:

Vader and Admiral Piett’s “you have failed me for the last time” speech- word for word

Han and Leia’s first kiss scene

Vader and Luke’s first battle- very impressed that the actors managed to do the exact same choreography as we saw on screen

And we mustn’t forget Chewy fixing the Falcon ready for Han’s departure from the Rebel fleet!

But despite all that, the best thing about the Star Wars Secret Cinema was watching it among other Star Wars fans. We all booed when Vader appeared, and yelled words of encouragement at the screen when Luke was trying to force lift his Starfighter out of the swamp during his Jedi training.

One man even yelled “GO ON SON” and was equally as enthusiastic when Yoda demonstrated the power of the Force..

If seeing your favorite scenes re-enacted live before you wasn’t enough to make you fork out for the £70 a head ticket, do it to watch an amazing film with crazy Star Wars fans- it’ll give you a whole new experience of the film you’ve loved since your childhood.

Laugh it up fuzzballs!

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