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Published on September 28th 2015

Star Wars Secret Cinema- Tatooine

They really go all out- Secret cinema had taken over an industrial factory space and decked it out to look like a rebel base camp.

Everywhere you look, you see weapon crates, ammo, army nets. And the dedicated actors all add to the experience.

They made us do mini fitness tests and crammed us into a cargo box to be transported to the rebel ‘ship’.

After many  warnings and debriefings, we were shown into a room with a screen themed like a ferry. But oh no! The ship is boarded by the Imperial army!

Star Wars secret cinema debriefing

And we land on none other than Tatooine! Complete with two suns strewn across the wall, the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Mos Eisley spaceport, cantina, a cell for rebels, and many sand huts. All on real sand of course!

The Rebel commander leaves us with a few words of advice- blend in with the locals. And we’re left to explore.

We had some Jawa juice at the bar, and some ‘Asian chicken’ and halloumi fries but the best thing about the spaceport was the intermittent laser battles between rebel actors and Stormtroopers and the occasional Jedi stepping in to save the day.

At one point Chewy and Han come charging through chased by a unit of Stormtroopers, narrowly missing unsuspecting cinema goers!

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