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Published on September 28th 2015

Star Wars Secret Cinema- getting there!

For my 28th birthday, I was given one of the best (early) birthday presents ever! The gift of Star Wars… well not exactly, but as close as you can get…

We went to the Secret Cinema!

This year, they’re showing The Empire Strikes Back- which according to Clerks is the best of the original trilogy.

If you don’t live in London you probably don’t know about the Secret Cinema.

And that’s because they go to great lengths to ensure everything is hush hush. This year, we were told that we’re all rebels part of the rebel cause ahead of our showing:

Important Information  Your Departure from Earth.

It’s a clever way to fully immersive us in the Star Wars universe pre-show AND get us all to keep it on the down-low!

But this is how it roughly works, you book your tickets, and the location of the cinema is ‘secret’. You’re just told to meet at the rendezvous.

In our case we were told to head to Canada Water:

Star wars secret cinema map

On arrival, we had to follow a trail of people dressed up in cargo pants and dessert hats and after a stamp on the wrist and quick bag check (which resulted in me having to bin £7 of newly bought Billtong), we arrived at the ‘rebel base’.

Star Wars secret cinema entry stamp

Now, to keep the secret cinema, secret, they give you a little silver bag to put your phone in, and they heat-seal it away. So sorry folks, this will be an image-less post!

This is part 1 of 4

Read what happened next (part 2) >>

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