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Published on July 21st 2013

Sea Cave, Mermaid on Rock and Venus’s Bath-Just some lovely photos

After Lipari, the boat took on a little tour of some local rocks and caves. The water was stunning and I love a good cave! It would have been really cool if they allowed us to snorkel around and get up close but alas we were en route to Vulcano.

Sea cave near Aelian Islands

Sea cave near Aeolian Islands

The captain also backed the boat into the cave, it’s almost within reach and the echos were cool!

boat in a cave

Boat in a cave

Next, we have the Venus Bath, apparently Venus would come and bath in the crystal blue waters before heading off for romantic meetings with Bacchus! Our guide did feel the need to explain that we “may not actually see Venus bathing there”:

Venus's bath or Bath of Venus, whatever floats your boat...

Venus’s bath or Bath of Venus, whatever floats your boat…

And last but not least, we have this mermaid statue on a big ol’ rock:

Mermaid on a rock

Mermaid on a rock- luring sailors to their deaths or maybe she longs to be part of our world?

No idea of the origin of the statue or the story of why she’s there but I think that just adds to the mystery!

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