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Published on September 7th 2014

The museum of brands, packaging and advertising

I have to confess, I have a soft spot for advertising. I love that good adverts can sum up the sign of the times and apparently I’m not the only one.

I recently found out that there’s an entire museum that is dedicated to exhibiting packaging and adverts from the 1900′s present day!

What’s interesting is seeing who the winners are, finding out who the predominant brands were back in the day and finding which brands ‘won’, beat out the competition, withstanding the test of time.

Fry’s chocolate, for example, were big in their hey day and throughout the museum you can see there huge range of products:Vintage Fry's Fruit and Nut package

But nowadays- if you say fruit and nut, I think of Cadbury’s fruit and nut.

When you see all the products you realise how good a job the marketing  teams of some of these big brands have done to position themselves in our minds and get us to recognise them as the no.1 brand for a particular product.

I actually got a feeling of pleasant familiarity when I saw this Coleman’s mustard tin. The branding has pretty much stayed the same through the years.

Vintage Colemans mustard packaging

Another thing I love is the claims that companies could make before Advertising standards agency reigned them in:

Vintage Typhoo tea packaging

Typhoo tea a day keeps the doctor away

And I also found out that shampoo wasn’t always in liquid form. It used to come in a powder which you would mix with water. Eventually manufactures started pre-mixing shampoo with water in the 50′s and adding random stuff like egg to the product:


It’s also great to see some brands like Marmite  have always been happy to be playful with the brand image:

Vintage Marmite packaging

Marmite sticking to the ‘Love or hate’ message

And how brands would create packaging to get people to buy their product for specific activities (pretty much still the case with modern advertising but less blatant!):

Vintage Rowntrees advery

Rowntrees motoring chocolate- for driving I guess!

The museum is arranged in a chronological order starting with the Victorian era, so you can see what each product is like within it’s original context.

But don’t worry, they also have some cabinets with products side by side so you can see how it’s changed through time:

Cadbury's hot chocolate through time

It makes me really happy that branding, packaging and adverts are (finally) getting recognition and got funding to showcase some of the best packaging through time. Definitely worth a visit!

Tickets are £6.50 for adults and the exhibition takes about an hour to get round comfortably without rushing. The closest station is Notting Hill.

Visit their website:

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