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Published on May 12th 2014

Omg not again.

So I may or may not have mentioned I like to play games on a Game Boy Color emulator on my Nexus 4 (sure beats playing Flappy Bird).

Well guess what, I just went and deleted my Harvest Moon ROM file. That’s right, ALL progress gone in couple of clicks!


Basically my phone was running out of storage so I thought I’d deleted some of the junk in my ‘Downloads’ folder. Aannddd that’s where my save file was located..

I was THIS close to completing it! The game ends when you’ve been farming for 3 years and the calendar was at year 3, day 10 of summer. Meaning 20 days till the end of the game..! Gahhhh

And the only reason I picked up Harvest Moon was because I deleted my Link’s Awakening ROM folder. When will I learn!

I’m going to miss my Smash Brothers inspired animals…I also had another two sheep named after Armada (shorted to Armd as Harvest Moon only allows 4 letter names) and Korean DJ (shorted to KDJ) but didn’t get a screen shot of them before I deleted the file. RIP fellas.

my cows

my sheep

I suppose the silver lining is now I get to play a new game! Any good Game Boy or Game Boy Color games I really ought to play?

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