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Published on December 15th 2013

Movies I’m going to watch this Christmas

You know what? It’s hard to go outside all the time…so today’s post will be going against the gain of what I usually post here. This initially started off as an Evernote memo reminding me of all the great movies I want to watch while on Christmas break, but thought I might share it.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 

Harry potter and the philosophers stone Christmas movies

Because of that one Christmas morning scene where Ron and Harry bid each other “happy Christmas” and Harry gets awesome gifts, the table in the Great Hall covered in delicious food reminds me of dinner with the extended family up in Sheffield (where they live)!

I also find that the soundtrack gets me in feeling festive- must be the twinkly sparkly chimes…

Star Wars

star wars Christmas movies

I didn’t grow up watching Star Wars (gasp, shun the non-believer!) so it’s not because of family time memories that compell me to watch A New Hope. In fact, my mum hated most Sci-fi and likened it with religion, said it brainwashes you…

The first time I watched all of the Star Wars movies back-to-back was when I came home from uni, for Christmas and it’s a become a bit of a tradition since then. Most years, I marathon Star Wars on Boxing day on the small CRT and VHS player in my room at my parents place.

Seeing this holiday is all about tradition, I always feel you should watch a movie on a VHS tape around Christmas, so Star Wars ticks that box for me.

Happy Feet

happy feet Christmas movies

I’m a sucker for medley/mash ups (it’s about the only reason I watched Glee), and Happy is choc full of them.

See he’s not like the other penguins, he can’t sing, but he’s an awfully good dancer and while the mystery of the missing fish threatens the colony, Mumble goes on a journey to discover why to earn acceptance in the penguin colony.

Heavy stuff as issues like over fishing, penguin captivity and identity are touched upon, or maybe it’s movie about a dancing penguin in the snow.


Hook christmas movies

Purely because of this Buzzfeed article.


elf Christmas movies

It’s been years since I watched Elf, I remember it being good at the time but the resurgence of Elf gifs on reddit and Buzzfeed put the movie back on my brain radar. Plus, Elf reminds me of my cousin, he suggested we go see it at the cinema way back when, who I only see during Christmas (and random Korean club nights..that one time).

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before christmas Christmas movies

I’ve been listening to Marilyn Manson’s cover of This is Halloween and it’s got me remembering that there’s really Christmassy scene where Jack discovers Christmas Town and neatly summarises ALL the Christmas things you’re meant to do during the holiday. Also, Halloween Town was one of my favourite worlds in Kingdom Hearts..fond memories stemming from this film!

Home Alone

Home alone chrsistmas movies

Can’t beat a bit of 90′s nostalgia can you!

The Santa Clause  

The Santa Clause christmas movies

I think my sister asked for this Christmas one year, but either way this movie reminds me of chilling on the sofa watching terrible movies coming on ITV.

It’s been years since I last watched The Santa Clause but I remember Bernard the head elf being super hot (or was it my sister who fancied him?? I forget…) and Time Allen’s face when he drank soya milk a little girl left out for him. Adorable!

Doctor Who Christmas Special

I know this isn’t a movie. BUT I CAN’T WAIT. Here’s the trailer:

That’s probably enough for now! Over to you, what movies should I be watching? What films do your family make you sit down and watch together?

Photo credits: wikipedia, imdb,  joguldi 

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