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Published on July 8th 2015

Minecon 2015 haul!

Minecon 2015 haul

Minecon was held in London this year and I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the convention. As a massive Minecraft fan, I didn’t mind forking out £129 for the ticket for fear that they won’t ever come to the UK again.

As a total sucker for all things free, you can imagine my excitement when they gave us the above ‘loot bag’ when we handed over the ticket! If seeing awesome cosplay, going to panels with the developers and key members of the Minecraft community and hanging out with my Minecraft buddy was enough of a reason, they gave us this amazing bag of Minecraft goodies to rememebr the event by!

The Minecraft branded pen and pad, pin badges, a 2015 medallion, Steve figure with Minecon cape, the lanyard and of course the Iron Golem bag itself were all free but there were tons of freebies to collect from the exhibitors.

The Enderman plushie was particularly fun experience, you just had to queue up in front of a wall and an “arrow dispenser” and at certain points during the day they would give out plushies!

Minecon - Minecraft plushies dispenser

Minecon - Minecraft plushies giveaway sign

I got an Enderman and my Minecraft buddy bagged himself a Creeper but there was also talk of being able to get a piggy plushie too.

Minecon - Minecraft plushies happy folks

One of the best immersive exhibitor experiences was Minechest. Promoting their Minecraft subscription box service, their stand was a little different to say the least.

Minecon - Minechest exhibitors entrance

It was a giant Minechest, and once you’re through the queue, you get to go in and listen to a rep tell the ‘story’ of the Minechest through hieroglyphics in dimmed light setting.

Minecon - Minechest exhibitorsThey gave each of us a Beta key with a 1 in 500 chance of getting a free Minechest. Fingers crossed!

All in all- Minecon was amazing, I’ll write up a full post of my first experience at Minecon soon. Watch this space!

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