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Published on January 30th 2013

King’s Landing (Dubrovnik)-Game of Thrones Filming Location

My Sun and Stars suddenly announced he wanted us to go on a weekend trip, after many hours of researching locations, I was leaning (very heavily) towards Dubrovnik, Croatia since it was where the Game of Thrones capital- King’s Landing was and will continue to be filmed.

We’re pretty big fans of Game of Thrones, so we decided that Dubrovnik would be the backdrop of our first holiday together!

We went to a lot of the filming locations and I thought I’d share some pics to give some perspective of being there if you’re not able to go see it for yourself.

Dubrovnik Old Town-Makes A Great Setting for King’s Landing

The main attraction of Dubrovnik is the City Walls that surround the Old Town. Visitors can go up and walk around the walls if you pay the small entrance fee- 90 kuna per person. It took us about two hours to walk all the way around.

Dubrovnik City Walls-sooo King's Landing

Dubrovnik City Walls-sooo King’s Landing

From the walls, I took some stunning views of Dubrovnik. This one was the view from one of the battlements:

View of Kings Landing

View of Kings Landing

Check out a screen shot of King’s Landing here.  It’s the scene where Shae looks out of her ‘window’ at her new home.

The Fort of St Lawrence-The Red Keep

The 90 kuna entrance fee to the City Walls also included entrance to the Fort of St Lawrence which is pretty much next to the Old Town entrance. So we wandered through an area that looked nice and residential area and found this awesome spot on the way to the fort:

On the way to the Fort of St Lawrence-Game of Thrones film location-killing Roberts basterds

On the way to the Fort of St Lawrence-Game of Thrones film location-killing Roberts basterds

This was where the Gold Cloaks were hunting down Robert’s basterd sons. One of them was drowned right here in this pool!

After marching up those stairs, we arrived (with hardly any breath left) to the Fort of St Lawrence:

Inside the Fort of St Lawrence

Inside the Fort of St Lawrence

A lot of scenes are shot here since there’s a lovely view of the sea, the city wall, and the beautiful stone bricks that make nice castlely rock (get it?). Joffrey’s name day tournament was shot here, this was where the nobles sat to enjoy the tournament held in King Joffrey’s name (click here for Sansa’s view).

I didn’t have the luxury of getting to sit on some fancy red material:

Oh what a lovely tournament

Oh what a lovely tournament

Fort of St Lawrence-Game of Thrones film location-Joffs name day-Hounds takes his prey

Hound takes his prey..

The Fort of St Lawrence is also the part of the castle that the Hound bought Sansa back to when he rescued her from the mob (click here for a screen shot of Tyrion thanking the Hound for his valour):

Hound saves Sansa

Hound brings Sansa back to her little cage

The fort has some really nice doorways for nobles fleeing the riots to enter through and it looks like the crew decided to keep the candle holders in the scene!

Pile Gate-Where Joffrey Starts A Riot

While we’re on the subject of the riot Joffrey starts because he is such a nice king, we stumbled across the filming location while wandering about the Old Town. Turns out that it was filmed at the Pile Gate. It’s one of the entrances that lets you in/out through the City Wall surrounding the Old Town:

Full of angry citizens

Full of angry citizens

Joffrey's view before he get's hit with a cow pat

Joffrey’s view before he get’s hit with a cow pat

Stoney Beach-Myrcella Says Goodbye To Dubrovnik

From the clip it looks like the stoney beach where they send Myrchella off is just beyond the arch but in actual fact you have to walk through the Pile Gates, go down some stairs and through a little garden. We were pretty stoked when we stumbled upon another awesome filming location:

Bye bye Myrcella

The crowd’s skirts might get a little wet…

Myrchella is my only daughter, do you really think I'd let you ship her off to Dorne? Er, yes..

Cersai’s spot-”Myrchella is my only daughter, do you really think I’d let you ship her off to Dorne?” Er, yes..

I think they waited for a calmer day to send Myrchella off!

I think they waited for a calmer day to send Myrchella off!

Round And Round The Mincheta-To The House Of The Undying 

This was the Minceta which can be reached on the City Wall walk at either the beginning or the end depending on which way round you went from the entrance to the wall (there are other entrances but we went up using the entrance point near the Pile Gate end of town-this one looked the most official and was closest to the ticket booth!). There are some steep steps inside that lead up to a nice view of the Old Town.

When we took these photos, I wasn’t 100% sure that this was the exterior to the House of the Undying:

Luckily neither of us disappeared when we went round it..

How do we get into the House of the Undying? Luckily neither of us disappeared when we went round it..

It was only when I got home and rewatched the scene did the squeals come out!

Season 3

I heard that they’re shooting one of the scenes from the first episode on the docks (next to where the Gold Cloaks drowned the poor basterd) so I made sure I took lots of pics here too:

Sansa and Shae will be sitting here soon!

Sansa and Shae will be sitting here soon! Better move that other rock over..

Sansa and Shae's view I wonder what they are talking about?

Sansa and Shae’s view-I wonder what they are talking about?

And thus concludes the season two King’s Landing film locations. It was so amazing seeing the filming location in 360 and experiencing what the lucky actors and crew got to see while on set! I hope we get to go to the other locations! Anyone been to any of them? Was it as amazing as seeing King’s Landing in the flesh? Let me know your Game of Thrones travel stories in the comments!

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24 Responses to King’s Landing (Dubrovnik)-Game of Thrones Filming Location

  1. Shawn Hemond says:

    Love your tour. My hubby and I are huge fans of the show and books as well. This will be a definite for our next vacation. If I may ask, where did you stay?
    Again, thank you for the awesome Pic”tour”al!

    • Cindy ageekabroad says:

      Thanks for dropping by!

      We stayed at Hotel Adria, lovely peeps and breakfast, it’s about a 6 min drive from the Old Town or a 45 min walk. Or you could get a taxi for about 10 euros

      Go in the summer though!

  2. Shawn Hemond says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Liv Elin says:

    My friend who’s there now linked me to your blog…love your photo’s! Would you possibly let me borrow one of them for a manip at some point? In particular the one with the beach where they sent Myrcella off? I’d link back to you of course. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Mesi says:

    I’m travelling to Dubrovnik in less than 2 weeks (arriving 11th July to be specific) and that’s how I found your blog. I’ve always wanted to visit Dubrovnik and me and my family are huge fans of the books and the show. Thanks to your post I’ll be able to find the locations and I’ll definitely try to take similar photos. Thank you for putting this up!:)

  5. Thanks for doing this research. I hope to recreate your trip one of these days. I did some similar research for a trip to Northern Ireland to check out the Game of Thrones locations there. Hope this will be helpful if you decide to visit there someday:
    Rich Rennicks recently posted…Book Review: You by Nuala Ní ChonchúirMy Profile

  6. Dresda says:

    Too incredibly cool! Thank you so much! My boyfriend is taking me home to Croatia (Zagreb) to meet his family and we’re all now getting a trip to Dubronik as well! I’ve never been outside the US, so this is very exciting! Bookmarked your page and will be pulling it up on my iPhone as we tour! :)

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  8. Christina says:

    My boyfriend and I were in Dubrovnik today and guess what!? We saw them shoot for GOT!! We saw Sansa and Tyrion shooting a scene for the next season! That was just too cool!! But I absolutely need to go back there! Till now when I found your page – which is great by the way I didn’t know that Qarth was on that Island and I didn’t visit it!! That’s too bad!
    Thanks for the pics and travel advices !

    • Cindy ageekabroad says:

      Oh I’m so jealous Christina! Did you catch any of the dialogue?

      I was gutted no boats were going to Lokrum Island…We saw one that was moored in the harbour that said something like “boat to Lokrum” but it looked like it wasn’t going out at all. Such a taunt!

  9. Shaun Mc says:


    I’m in Dubrovnik now, and having travelled from Norn Ireland for a friends wedding (they’re not even fans of the show) it’s been a delight travelling to the old city to see glimpses of Kings Landing. Will be posting 600ish photos to my Flickr tomorrow from 5 days of fun so will make a blog post and share with you all if that’s ok?

    But yes, your photos were most excellent and even though I was at Pile Gate – got the no. 6bus to the door – I never realised that’s where Joff started a riot. Shame I’m flying home super early ;_;

    • Cindy ageekabroad says:

      Hey Shaun,

      I would love to visit the filming locations in Ireland! The country’s meant to be beautiful too hehe

      Sure, more than happy for you to share your thoughts, why don’t you email me ageekabroad{@} and we’ll talk through it?

  10. Hi Cindy and thank you for your most excellent blog! I am currently in Igalo, Montenegro for a month but visiting Dubrovnik this friday. I will try to follow in your footsteps :)How l

    • Edit: How much time should I expect to use on your tour? :)
      Stig-Lennart Sørensen recently posted…Pretty Warm by Tony LeeMy Profile

      • Cindy ageekabroad says:

        Timings are difficult to tell, but the ‘tour’ is in 2 parts:

        Go round the wall- depending on how slow you want to walk, should take a minimum of 1hr (we spent about 2.5hrs taking lots of pics though)
        Fort of St Lawrence is pretty small so you can see most of it in 1/2hr (which is what we did. We went quite late and they were about to close! Luckily the porter was kind enough to let us stay for a little bit and we didn’t want to keep him from going home!)

        You’ll find the other filming locations (like the beach, Pile Gate, and the old dock thing where Shae and Sansa sit for a chat) by wandering around Old Town. Honestly, Old Town isn’t THAT big, all the places featured in the post were found in the 6-7 hours-coffee and lunch breaks included!

  11. Alice says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this post! It was a precious guide for my set-hunting trip in Dubrovnik! I took my own pictures and will publish a blog post soon (on – it will be in Italian, but you can still see the photos! And I managed to go to Lokrum too, I’ll write another post as soon as I have time!

  12. Mark says:

    I read your article while I was on holiday in dubrovnik. It helped me with a little game of thrones photo project I did (see link).
    I hope you like it.

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  14. Gooch says:

    My favorite series and also my favorite holiday destination. We stayed at the best Bed and Breakfast in all Croatia called “fresh Cathedral” located right in Kings Landing. The host and hostess are a Japanese/Canadian and Croatian couple and they treated us like royalty! A must place to stay as it is right in the centre of the markets and squares.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos as it is an amazing place. My recommendation for visiting is not the summer but go in spring or fall as it is much better (temperature and cruise tourists are insane during July-August).
    Looking forward to Season 5 as some of the shots were just outside the BnB window so we got to watch.

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