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Published on February 15th 2013

Inspiring Lagoon Hotel-Indonesia

Swim resort in Bali

Swim resort in Bali

Sometimes when I’m bumbling about on the internet, I’ll come across a lovely image of something that really piques my wanderlust (see how I define “wanderlust” here).

Although I know I may never get the chance to visit said place, these posts is where I’ll be lusting after the places in the images and imagining what it would be like to go there. I mean really letting my imagination run wild since this is maybe all it amounts to-an unfinished dream. I hope these posts will inspire you to visit these amazing places if you are able to. Here goes nothing!

I’ve never been one for just staying in a hotel for the whole time you’re in a different country but I wonder if that’s because I’ve never stayed in a Balinese swim resort! I came across the image (left) on Reddit.

It’s the cute uniform huts and the blue of the water that got me all excited. Imagine you’re hot, sticky and probably smelly as you’re in Indonesia..

Now imagine if you’re staying a ‘Lagoon Villa’ where if you step out of your room, there a glistening outdoor pool, under the warm tropical sun during the day and under stars at night! Wouldn’t it amazing to feel like you’re (sort of) living on a stilt house surround by water!
The website says that this is the Lagoon Villa, a “unique split-level accommodation choice with direct access to a lagoon swimming pool”. No kidding…you really need to watch your step since your hut is by the water side!


If I were staying at this place I’d be in my swimwear for the whole holiday and sipping cocktails all day like these guys:

Ah the water here is so nice! The pool is pretty good too.

Ah the water here is so nice! The pool is pretty good too.

The only thing is, how to you leave your room if you don’t fancy swimming today? Are there lots of crumbs at the bottom of the pool if people are allowed to eat and drink in the water..

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