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Published on November 3rd 2013

Highlights of MCM London Comic Con

Upon arrival at Canning Town station at 11am last Saturday, there was a brief moment where I temporarily forgot how to get to the Excel Centre.

I say brief because I only had to look up from Google maps and see that hundreds of cosplayers seemed to be heading in the same direction, so trusting in the wisdom of the crowd, we followed them.

And sure enough, after 10 minutes of walking, we arrived.

follow the crowd

We bought our tickets online before arriving and although there was a 15-20 minute wait to get scanned and get wrist bands, I was glad I paid the extra £6.50 for the Early Entry Ticket so we didn’t have to queue for hours for a General Entry Ticket (£16.50 if you buy online, and £10.00 if you queue for HOURS and buy on the door).

People queuing for on the day tickets

People queuing for on the day tickets

All wrist-banded up, I was ready to start taking photos of cosplayers and there were noticebly more Attack on Titan cosplayers this time round. I was filled with glee with this sullen Mikasa and Eren. “Didn’t you see how beautiful a salute that was?”

Eren and Micasa cosplay

And we also found a Krista Lenz..

Attack on Titan cosplay

As we walked, we saw a small crowd doing some pretty dodgy looking arm movements so we went to check out what they were polishing. Turned out that there was a block of ice with raffle tickets frozen inside. The kids were told that if they got a raffle ticket it would be entered into a prize draw and they could win a brand new gaming PC, keyboard and mouse.

kids and ice 1

The girl said she’d been trying to melt the ice for 1 hours and 45 minutes to get to the tip of the ticket…We wanted to have a go but thought, “nahhhh” we’d have to wait for the people in front to get their tickets before we could even start rubbing. No thanks!

We just left them to it, but they seemed like they were having fun- the inner circle were going round saying their names as they figured they’d be there with each other for a while. After the introduction was done, they started singing the Spongebob Squarepants opening song. To be continued…

Next up we found a group of not one, or two, but FOUR Doctors! Love the lady Doctor and the 3D glasses are from one of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who-Doomsday (the Doctor uses it to look at ‘Void stuff’).

10th and 11th doctor cosplay

After scoping out what stalls we wanted to buy stuff from we made our way out for lunch. On the way out, we ran into Batman posing in front of a Arkham Origins banner:


And into this awesome Zangief cosplayer:

Zangief cosplay

And the Attack on Titan director, Katsuhiko Kitada and co. signing:Attack on Titan signing

In the pub, we ran into Midna chilling with a pint:

midna enjoying a pint

After a spot of lunch at the pub (fish and chips for me), we took checked out how the ice kids were doing:

kids and ice 2

Took me some more photos of awesome cosplayers:

Thor and Loki cosplay

Found a female Thor and a female Loki!

Remember all that stall scoping? After fish and chip lunch fuel, we went on a little shopping trip. I bought a giant Doctor Who mug (for a colleagues 40th birthday), a stress ball in the shape of an angry bun for my sister (who just completed her Law LPC so will be needing some form of release), an Attack on Titan wallet with Survey Corps logo (sun and stars’ wallet has been slowly disintegrating over the last few months so needed an early Christmas gift), a random hand crafted box (because I like boxes) aaaanddd some washi tape (a bit of an obsession at the moment).

Shopping/wading through the thick crowd was pretty tiring so we decided to chill in the theatre and listen to some of the talks. We watched episode 3 of a youtube series called Project Library, and listened to the directors and producers (all twenty something year old lads who seemed nice enough) and the crowd seemed pretty excited about the final episode due for release that week- it was intriguing and it’s great that panels like this can introduce you to new stuff to watch.

And the final highlight of the day was Mark Fowler’s piano performance of key themes from video games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Portal, and GTA V:

It was so nice to hear the themes live, I think he even played the Red Wedding during warm up! Was a wonderful way to end the day.

Top tips for MCM Comic Con London

  • Get cash out before you arrive any where near the Excel Centre as there will be long, and I mean long, queues at the cash machines in and near the cash machines.
  • Buy Early Entry Ticket- it’s worth paying extra if you hate queues.
  • Print out the Special Guests / Theatre Schedule page from the MCM London website so you can structure your day a bit more. Unless you like aimless wandering..
  • If you can, avoid the Comic Cons happening during school holidays. I went to MCM Comic Con both in May (everyone was at school) and October (during half term school holidays). The October Expo was noticeably more packed than the one in May. Obviously, queuing is unavoidable but if you’re not one for being crushed you should avoid the Expos that happen during school holidays. It took us a good 15 minutes of slow shuffling to get outside!

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  1. Tanya Tate says:

    Wow, looks like there was a lot of people there! Very cool. I would have loved to have gone to this, I was actually in London at the time as well.
    Tanya Tate recently posted…JUSTA LOTTA Cool Comic Book Covers – Top 5 Covers For November 6th, 2013My Profile

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