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Published on July 20th 2013

Aeolian Islands-Vulcano and Lipari Tour (Lipari)

boat pulling up to LipariAfter getting back from Sicily, I had a couple of days to reflect on the holiday. After much crunching-I’m happy with the conclusion that most memorable thing we did was the tour of two of the Aeolian Islands- Lipari and Vulcano.

The Aeolian islands were one of the reasons we looked into going to Sicily when my dad decided that he was us to go on a family holiday (I’m 25, my sister is 22, not exactly a family holiday-more like 4 adults travelling together really…but I digress).

When we got to Sicily, it became apparent that doing Lipari and Vulcano’s mud springs were a thing so we were sold.

The SAT excursion company runs the Lipari and Vulcano tour every Monday,  Wednesday and Friday which 70 euros + 2 euro eco-tax for the upkeep of the islands I guess.

The day began with a morning call at 5.30am, quick breakfast of latte and croissants and sponge cake (mm!) before heading out to the coach pick up location which happened to be next door to our hotel!

It was an early start, and we had to be there for 6.30am. The SAT coach arrived on time and the driver checked our name was on the list before we boarded the coach.

Pick up

We were the first ones on the coach so enjoyed a mini tour of the Giardini Naxos bus pick up points!

Eventually our tour guide for the day, Hilga, stepped on at the Taomina bus terminal and it was then they realised they had picked up some extra people! They must have thought they were being picked up for another one of SATs many tours and would have been a bit shocked if Hilga hadn’t told them to hit the road (and wait for the right coach).

After stopping at two more pick up points the coach (and a toilet stop at the petrol station for dad) we finally got onto the motorway to get to Milazzo to catch the boat.

Hilga the trilingual tour guide

Of all the tour guides I’ve had, Hilga was one of the best. Not only did she give us the low down on our itinerary and but she made the history of our destination-the Aeolian islands, bat-shit interesting so we were pumped to get there. See this post for the best of Hilga!

The boat

Our boat was the three deck Eolian Queen (a play on words or maybe this is how Aeolian is meant to be spelt?):


Eolian Queen

Eolian Queen- with a sun deck and everything!

It had weird toilets that required you to spray a hand held showerhead to flush the contents. Don’t flush the tissue! Put it in the lovely pleasant bin that’s full of lovely waste smeared tissue. Sorry no pics for obvious reasons.


Once we landed on the island, Hilga told us we all had to be back at the boat by 3:50pm. Those who wanted to wander off could do so or you could follow her for a bit as she heads for acropolis. We chose to walk with her for a little while and she pointed out all the obsidian she mentioned back on the bus:

Real obsidian

Real obsidian

Nearly every little shop sold this stuff. You could get a piece for about 1 euro but the bigger pieces and the jewellery costs considerably more.  But I chose to buy min from a young lad of about 13-14 as it was 50 cents, 50% half a euro cheaper than what the shops were charging!

We also said hello to this fella:

Dog sticking his tongue out at you

I no like you- apparently his tongue is always like this…

At the top of the hill was the acropolis. Hilda explained some of the history behind the temple and we left her to go and explore the graveyard and the sea view:

Graveyard- Some were open an' all!

Graveyard- Some were open an’ all!

View of Aeolian Islands from Lipari

View of Aeolian Islands from Lipari

There was a stall with really long fruit and veg- like regular vine tomatoes and regular yellow peppers but freakishly longer:

Long vegetables

Fancy Italian veggies

After that we stopped at a cafe for some lunch. I had a glass of warm freshly squeezed orange juice and a crepe that was swimming about in Nutella-mmm! Dad bought a pair of shoddily made sandals for 25 euros which broke the second time he wore them!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the boat for the second part of the tour-onward to Vulcano Island mud baths!

Big thank you to SAT Group for this amazing trip-loved it!

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