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Published on May 18th 2013

Hidden Gem: Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross Station, London

IMG_20130413_074235I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, I used to know everything-what wands each character owned, what house they were in, I knew the film script off by heart and I also tried to audition for the part of Cho Chang for a chance to be a part of the magical world (and to snog Dan Radcliffe!)!

So as you can imagine, I was squealing like a little girl when I accidentally stumbled upon not one but two little Harry Potter delights! The Platform 9 3/4 trolley in the wall, and the new Harry Potter shop too!

The location: Kings Cross Station, London. Near platform 10 and 11.

The back story: They’ve been renovating the station for a while and before, you could find the trolley in the wall outside the station but somehow it didn’t seem authentic…When they finally finished the station, they opened this little shop in December and Warwick Davies (who plays professor Flitwick in the films) opened the store.

The trolley was well placed, it’s stuck in a wall that’s just slightly out of the way, and you start to wonder “is that..wait..that’s the trolley from Harry Potter! OMG!” :

Harry Potter trolley Kings Cross London

As you go to take your pictures, you then notice a little sign just out the left corner of your eye:

Sign leading you to Harry Potter shop

And behold! It’s a Harry Potter shop!

Outside view of the shop

Outside view of the shop

Harry Potter shop

Harry Potter shop

There’s a lot of cool stuff inside and it’s a visual feast! I found myself squealing (internally) at all of the memorabilia and memories of the film came flooding back, which was quite enjoyable. 

I particularly loved the wand cupboard:

Wand cupboard

It’s right at the back of the store and the way that the wands are stored in their individual boxes reminded me of Ollivanders wand shop (maker of fine wands since 382) in Diagon Alley. Re-watch Harry picking out his first wand scene and relive the magic:

I love the amount of detail they went to make the shop feel like you’ve stepped into the wold of Harry Potter. There’s this typewriter:


Olde worlde typewriter

I can’t remember any specific appearances of typewriters in the films, I think things like letters etc. were hand written. But JK Rowling famously wrote the first Harry Potter book using a type writer, and maybe..perhaps this is a reminder of where the world sprung from…or maybe it’s there to add a “ye olde world” effect to the shop!

They have these old suitcases around the shop:

old Harry Potter style suitcases

Sorry for the blur…

If you look up, there’s even a balcony/banister thing to mimic Flourish and Blotts book shop:


Yay books!

I love this scene from the film, I also love the idea of a book shop being crammed to the brim with more books than you can read in a lifetime:

It’s such a great introduction to Lucius Malfoy “What’s the point in disgracing the wizard name if they don’t even pay you well?” so much snobbery!

There were some center pieces to the store and one of them was a framed Marauder’s map:

Framed Marauders Map

Framed Marauders Map

Sadly there were no little footprints walking about the map but if you’re into maps you can pick one of these up for around £39.99.

The verdict: There’s a lot of stuff to buy there if you’re a fan, and have money. Although I’m guessing most people just go there to browse casually while they wait for their train. Still, I couldn’t resist buying a Platform 9 and 3/4 train ticket:

Hogwarts Express train ticket

One way Hogwarts Express train ticket! See ya later!

Took a piece of the magic home with me for £1.99!

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  1. Patricia M. says:

    Awesome post. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I may not ever make it there in person myself, but seeing all your great pictures was a treat.

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