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Published on May 4th 2014

Hearthstone meet up London-Meltdown gaming bar

Pull up a chair by the hearth! At long last, there’s meet up for Hearthstone players, and might I just say, the venue is fantastic. The Meltdown bar, is the first (and only) e-sports/gaming bar in London so it’s the perfect place for the aptly named Fireside Gathering.

So I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently, like every night, I come home from the job, and play Hearthstone. I love this game-there are daily ‘quests’ that incentivise you to log back in, a competitive element to it where you try and move up the ranks and beat your friends and visually it’s beautiful.

So when Cutmanmike sent me a link to the meet up, I was like “awww yeaa” I’m going. (Incidentally I also messaged my colleagues to see if there were any other Hearthstone players out there, but alas total silence, not one response to my invite! Awkward.)

Sun and stars was in Scotland but I managed to rope James (@J_E_Knox) to go with me , who you may have seen in some of my MGM Comic con photos and also plays Hearthstone.

James and I arrived at Meltdown bar at around 2.15pm, and there were already a few people playing and streaming their games on the resident PCs, a couple on their iPads and own laptops, and there were a couple of Hearthstoners at the bar- goes to show how hosting events like this can drive business as everyone buys drinks throughout the meet up!:

arrival at Meltdown-Hearthstone fireside gathering arrival at Meltdown bar-Hearthstone fireside gathering

There was also gaming themed cocktails and decor to match so needless to say I will be returning! I’ll take pictures of the decor  and cocktails next time I visit so keep an eye out for them ;)

I floated about and watched a couple of matches between players- Hearthstone detected nearby players so it was possible for people in the bar to play each other (although I had no such luck- my challenge requests just kept getting declined…apparently it’s not because nobody wanted to play with me, but some sort of server issue), had some nice chats with fellow Hearthstoners (mostly about how op the Priest hero is) and also got some great deck building tips from Caraval Gaming youtubers who came down from Manchester.

The guys had tons of Magic experience and showed me how to build a Zoo deck. I’ve not played any trading card games before so learning about deck building concepts like “control” decks and “zoo” decks, and different tournament formats like “pauper” and “singletons” was really eye opening and I’ll be building some new decks using my new found skills, thanks guys! Here’s a vid so you can see what they’re all about:

After a couple of drinks and brief chats, more people turned up for the King of the Hill matches (best of 3 matches, winner stays on) and drew quite a crowd:

King of the hill starts-Hearthstone fireside gathering King of the hill crowd-Hearthstone fireside gathering

But it was the Priest vs Priest match that really got everyone shouting:

Priest match-Hearthstone fireside gathering

There was a lot of healing and passing, Mind controlling, and at one point, both Priests had run out of cards! Crowd went wild! Brilliant match to watch.

After all the excitement, drinking and general Hearthstoning, about 6 hours worth to be exact, we called it a good day and left as the main tournament (brackets and knock outs, best of 3 type tournament) started. As much as I love Hearthstone, it would have been another 6 hours of tourney matches and major overload!

Still, a thoroughly enjoyable experience in a fantastic venue with lovely people. Definitely going to more of these meet ups and will also be going back to Meltdown for general drinking and debauchery-fun.


  • Bring your own iPad and laptop if you don’t want to be waiting around for one of the venue PCs!
  • Wear light clothing- venue gets a bit warm if it’s sunny out, plus all that extra heat generated from the gaming pcs! I wore a denim shirt and leather boots-mistake.
  • The walk from Kings Cross station takes about  10-15mins and is rather pleasant (there’s a canal bridge and stuff), but if you’re allergic to exercise, there are buses (no.91) that stops by the bar, or you can get into Caledonian Rd & Barnsbury overground station which is 2 mins walk from the bar.

For more Hearthstone meetups in London, keep an eye on on the Meltdown bar’s Facebook page: 

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