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Published on December 30th 2014

Harry Potter filming locations tour

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, I used to know everything about Harry Potter (right down to what wands each character had), and I even auditioned to be Cho Chang… So close! I often wonder what my life would be like if I got that part. Well, who am I kidding, I did it because I wanted to kiss Daniel Radcliffe.

There’s just something about Harry Potter that gets me into the mood for Christmas, last year, we went to the Harry Potter Studios.

This year, we thought we’d do something a little different and go on the Harry Potter filming locations walking tour. The tour was pretty cheap and I as I expected, seeing some of the places that made the films so magical really lifted my mood despite the cold weather!

We met at the Tkts booth in Leciester square where our tour guide, Sarah, gave us a little intro:

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour meeting place

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour guide

Apart from adding to the Harry Potter feel of the tour by dressing the part (the Professor Trelawny look), Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and told us fun Harry Potter anecdotes, but the best part was her little mini quiz questions that she threw in to make the tour even more interactive. As if standing on the set of Harry Potter wasn’t interactive enough!

First stop on the tour was Cecil court, Sarah mentioned that despite being very close to Leicester square, one of the busiest areas in London, this place gets overlooked. It’s a place in plain sight, but is often overlooked. Much how muggles over look the all the wizarding world that’s interwoven with their own. If you know where to look, you’ll find this delightful street that’s full of book shops and vintage shops:

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour - Cecil court

Sarah took us through the short cuts that JK Rowling used to use and sometimes you can really see where she got the inspiration from. Here’s the alley way that inspired Knockturn Alley:

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour guide- Knockturn Alley

The tour also includes actual filming locations. Here’s where they shot the infiltration of the Ministry of Magic scenes where Ron, Hermione and Harry abduct 3 ministry workers and pluck their hairs for Polyjuice potion:

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour guide- Ministry of Magic

Of course can’t have a Harry Potter tour without visiting Diagon Alley (Leadenhall market):

Harry Potter filming locations- London Leadenhall market

And here’s my shot of the Millenium Bridge. With the dark rain clouds above, you can almost imagine seeing Death eaters flying over head:

Harry Potter filming locations- London walking tour - Millenium Bridge dark clouds

And one of my favourite parts of the tour- the Leaky Cauldron by Borough Market:

The details: 

The tour took about 2.5 hrs

Tickets can be bought at Attractiontix (full disclosure- that’s where I work):

Wear comfortable shoes, and wrap up warm if you’re going in the winter.

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