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Published on January 23rd 2014

Funny wifi network names

Saw this thread on Reddit so I thought I’d post them for people who need that little extra bit of creativity when setting up their wifi network!

  1. TellMyWifiLoveHer
  2. The Silence of the LANs (Silence of the Lambs film title)
  3. Wu Tang LAN (these guys)
  4. It hurts when IP orĀ 8 Hz WAN IP if you’re more adventurous!
  5. Loading…
  6. Skynet Global Defense Network (Terminator reference)
  7. Hide your kids, hide your wifi (ref to this viral video)
  8. House LANnister (Game of Thrones reference)
  9. Drop it like its hotspot (Snoop Dog/Lion song)
  10. The Lan before Time (ref to the most depressing film of my/any 90′s kids childhood)
  11. Pretty fly for for a WiFi (ref to this Offspring song)
  12. Winternet Is ComingĀ (Another Game of Thrones reference, motto of The Starks)
  13. It’s dangerous to go alone (ref to this awesome Starbomb song)

Oh the minds of the Redditor! What will you come up with next!

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