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Published on October 26th 2013

Doctor Who in 3D- Where To Watch The Day of the Doctor

Hi folks, I’m super excited that the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who – The Name of the Doctor, will be both shown on the TV and at the cinema in 3D on Saturday¬†23rd of November¬†!

The BBC have released an interactive map of all of the cinemas showing the film (click here or on the image below):

doctor who map of cinema listing

If you want to watch it on the Saturday at 19:00 (when it will be ‘simulcasted’ around the world!) you’ll have to book tickets quickly as they are selling like hot cakes.

I just had a peek at my local cinema and they are sold out already!

Doctor Who 3D sold out inn less than 24hrs

It’s lucky they are doing other viewings but it would have been nice to see it at the what I’m going to be calling the “hour of the Doctor” from now on..cus I’m cool like that.

Quick folks buy tickets, seeing a gathering of like minded Who fans and being at a historic event like this is totally worth the ¬£8 cinema ticket (also 3D if you’re into that)!

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