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Published on July 15th 2013

Doctor Who at the Proms 2013- Best concert I’ve ever been to!


Credit: Whatculture

Wow wow wow. Hearing and experiencing the Doctor Who score live at the BBC Proms is hands down, the most amazing way to spend a broiling Sunday morning.

Let me rewind. I first discovered the BBC’s Doctor Who when the 2009 reboot aired. In between seasons, I wind up re-watching certain episodes/story lines. One of the things that makes Doctor Who so engrossing, I’m sure that many fans will agree, is the amazing score written by a marvelous Murray Gold. That man knows how to write a score that pulls at your heart strings!

Needless to say, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when my friend Kat messaged me saying she had a spare ticket. I was actually going to queue up for one of the £5 standing tickets on the day anyway so as you can imagine, I was like “OMGGGGG” when I heard she had a seated ticket.

Turned out, they were 2 rows from the front too!

Me with my programme near the front

Me with my programme near the front!

The programme was £3 and has lots of amazing content about the concert in it too so I was already in an estatic mood anyway, and then I saw these cosplayers:

10th Doctor cosplay and 11th Doctor cosplay

10th Doctor and 11th Doctor cosplay

11th Doctor cosplay

11th Doctor cosplay

Doctor and Clara cosplayers

Doctor and Clara cosplayers

These guys are so dedicated, one of them even learned how to move like Eleven! They got really into it when the monsters entered whipped out their (plastic) sonic screwdrivers! Which brings me to the next thing that made the concert amazing. The theatrics! Whenever the BBC National Orchestra of Wales played any themes that involved monsters or the Doctor being bad ass (All Those Strange, Strange CreaturesI am the Doctor & Words Win Wars respectively), different monsters came through the curtain and up the TARDIS stairs in the standing area:

Stairs and circuit

Stairs and TARDIS circuit

There were two ‘take overs’, one by the Daleks, during which the orchestra played ‘The Daleks & First There Were Daleks‘ and this Dalek took center stage: Dalek

Daleks 'force' Ben Foster to play music for their take over!

Daleks ‘force’ Ben Foster to play music for their take over!

The Cybermen also had a crack at taking over to the score ‘Cyber shard’, hear my shock (scary stuff!): Cybermen and Daleks are all good fun, but the bit that really got to me (I cried…several times) was the Companion Suite, and The Final Chapter of Amelia Pond. I love how most of the companions that travel with the Doctor have a tragic end to their story line, it’s what makes the series so magical for me and I’ve can and have had a few good arguments over the Doctors companion choices! All in all, wonderful emotionally draining experience! I didn’t even have enough energy left to wait for a signature but I did get a picture of Ben Foster (who looks like David Tennant…and was an amazing conductor for the morning):

Ben Foster saying hello to fans at the stage door

Ben Foster saying hello to fans at the stage door

If you missed it, some kind soul has uploaded the songs on to Youtube and I’ve put them in a playlist here. Although, it’s well worth making your way there next time Doctor Who’s at the Proms!

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2 Responses to Doctor Who at the Proms 2013- Best concert I’ve ever been to!

  1. Awesome. Thanks for posting the pics. I hope they filmed it and add it to he next season DVD as they have in the past. I love those shows. Maybe one day we’ll get to London for the concert.
    Rich Rennicks recently posted…Downton Abbey’s Lazy Irish HistoryMy Profile

    • Cindy ageekabroad says:

      Thanks for you kind comments Rich! They did film it and it’s currently on iPlayer or will be on the net somewhere when it’s taken down. You should try and go to a live show though! Completely worth it if you ask me :)

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